Baked Tomatoes

Chop two tablespoons of lean ham, two mushrooms, one small shalot, one tablespoon of parsley, one tablespoon of cheese, one teaspoon of bread crumbs ; season, mix with one egg. Remove a little of the center, and stuff the tomatoes ; stew with bread crumbs, add bits of butter, bake until brown. Serve with any sauce preferred.

Baked Cauliflowers

Boil a small cauliflower in water enough to cover it with the flower part down until tender, having one teaspoon of salt in the water. When the cauliflower is boiled sufficiently put it in a baking dish and cover with cream sauce ; sprinkle with English dairy cheese grated ; bake until light brown. Be careful to have cauliflower whole. Cauliflower, cabbage and artichokes should lay in cold salted water before cooking. A piece of charcoal added to the water while cauliflower is cooking will prevent any odor.


Wash thoroughly, then each leaf, carefully. Then drain in a colander. Put on to cook without water, sprinkle with salt. Cover tightly and cook fifteen minutes, chop fine in tray, add one tablespoon of butter, a grating of nutmeg. Return to kettle and heat, take up with skimmer into a hot dish. Garnish with hard boiled eggs.


Boil in salted water one-half hour, remove a few of the outer leaves ; serve hot, with mayonnaise dressing.

Egg Plant

Cut the plant in slices one-third of an inch thick, with or without peeling, sprinkle salt over each slice, pile them, and cover with a weight to press out the juice. Drain and dip each slice, first in fine bread crumbs, then in beaten egg, again in crumbs, and fry in hot fat.

Mushrooms Stewed

Peel the top and stalk, break in small pieces, place them in a stewpan, sprinkle with salt and pepper, let them stand half an hour, until juice is drawn out. Add a tablespoon of butter ; cook until tender, add cream to cover, and when cream is hot serve on toast.

Stewed Cucumbers

Pare the cucumbers, cut them into quarters, remove the seeds, soak in salted water one-half hour. Then put them in salted boiling water and cook until tender. Season with salt, pepper and butter and serve on toast. They will cook in half an hour.

Fried Cucumbers

Pare good-sized cucumbers, lay in cold or ice water one-half hour. Then slice lengthwise one-quarter inch thick, sprinkle slices with salt, let stand fifteen minutes. Wipe, roll in flour, fry very brown in hot fat. Serve on hot napkin.


Fry sliced tomatoes in hot sweet oil.


Try cabbage cooked same as cauliflower.

Fried Bananas

Cut bananas lengthwise and fry brown in butter.

Rice A La Carolina

To one cup of nice, well-washed rice, allow three cups of boiling water. Put rice in a stewpan, add the water, and one teaspoon of salt. Boil rapidly, occasionally stirring with a fork, when the water disappears cover the pot with a cloth and place at back of the stove, or where only heat enough will be obtained to slowly steam the rice. Boil without a lid.