Beat the whites of three eggs in a platter on which a small pinch of salt has been put, heat with a whisk with a long motion, slowly at first then faster until stiff and flaky ; add one-half cup of sifted powdered sugar, sifting and cutting in lightly. Spread lightly over pie and put in a cool oven to set, and brown a little. Tin plates are best for pies.

Mince Pie

Two pounds of the round of beef, eight pounds of chopped apples, four pounds of brown sugar, three pounds of suet, four pounds of raisins, four pounds of dried currants, two pounds of chopped citron, two tablespoons of candied orange peel and one of lemon, two Sicily lemons, one quart of brandy, one pint of cider ; two tablespoons of clove, four tablespoons of cinnamon and allspice, a teaspoon of ground mace, two grated nutmegs, one tablespoon of salt. Cook the meat, and chop fine. Mix in the spices, sugar and salt ; pour over half the brandy and part of the prepared fruit ; stir well, and put away until the next day ; then add the chopped apple and suet, and the grated rind and juice of the lemons, chopped candied fruit and the rest of the ingredients. Half a bottle of sherry may be added. Stir well, put in a stone jar, in a cool, dry place, covered tightly ; let it stand for one week. Stir, then season and flavor to taste. Suet and apples must be chopped fine. If you wish a richer pie, add bits of butter, lay on more fruit, and add a tablespoon of brandy before covering the pie. Have all the raisins stoned ; chop half of them.

Lemon Pie

Two lemons, two cups of sugar, four eggs, one cup of cream (or one of milk and a tablespoon of butter). Grate the rind, squeeze the juice ; beat the yolks creamy, add sugar and cream.

Then the grated rind and juice of lemons. Bake as directed in Marlborough pie. Make a meringue of the remaining whites. One Boston cracker rolled and sifted may be added, if desired, to the pie mixture.

Banana. Pie

Banana pie is made by making a custard and mixing with the pulp of three bananas pressed through a colander or sieve, and baked in a rich, open pastry crust, and finished with a meringue.

Lemon Filling (For Tarts)

Juice of six lemons, grated rind of four, one pound of sugar, one-half dozen eggs. Beat eggs light, add sugar and juice, beat all thoroughly together, cook in a dish of hot water to the thickness of honey. Bottle, and keep in a dry place. This quantity will make fifty tarts, and will keep for months.

Custard Pie

One pint of milk, four eggs, small pinch of salt, one-half cup of sugar, grating of nutmeg. Beat the eggs, add the sugar, salt and nutmeg. Bake in pie plate with rims of crust till the center is firm.

Pie Plant Or Rhubarb Pie

Make the same as apple adding three times the sugar, or stew the pie plant and then bake. All fruit pies are made similar to the above receipt.