One-quarter cup of butter, one-quarter cup of sugar, one-half nutmeg, one and one-half cups of flour, two eggs, teaspoon of lemon juice. Beat butter to a cream, gradually beat sugar into it, then add well-beaten yolks, and nutmeg and lemon, then add whites beaten to stiff froth. Beat in Hour, a little at a time. Flour the board well, roll out the dough to the thickness of half an inch. Cut with jagging iron, twist into different shapes, and fry.

Welsh Rarebit

Heat one teaspoon of butter in a frying pan, put in one-half of a pound of rich moist American cheese, season with saltspoon of salt, one-half teaspoon of pepper, a speck of cayenne, and a saltspoon of mustard. Stir with a wooden spoon until ropy, then stir in one-fourth of a cup of ale. Have slices of nicely toasted bread on hot plates ; pour over the rarebit. Serve immediately.

Golden Buck

Make a Welsh rarebit, as before directed, adding to each piece of toast a poached egg.

Another Way To Prepare Welsh Rarebit

Toast six slices of bread, cover each with a slice of Swiss cheese one-third of an inch thick, lay in a baking pan, sprinkle with a little pepper, and bake in a hot oven. Serve on hot plates.

Cottage Cheese

Take sour milk, not too old, put on the back of the stove and heat, not boil. Pour into an empty, clean salt bag, hang up and let drain four or five hours. Turn out into a howl, add salt and pepper and moisten with cream. Some like chives finely chopped, sprinkled over the top.

Chocolate Butter

One cup of butter, one cup of grated sweet chocolate, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one-half cup of sugar. Melt butter, put chocolate, sugar and cinnamon together and stir into the hot butter. Wet a bowl in cold water, and pour in, and cover with a greased paper. To be spread on warm biscuit.

German Toast

Cut six slices of stale German white bread, one-half inch thick, soak in one cup of milk to which an egg and a pinch of salt have been added. When they have absorbed all they will hold remove carefully, drain, dip in one beaten egg and fry brown on both sides in hot butter or olive oil. A good dessert, served with any kind of sauce.

Cracker Brewis

Split the crackers, spread with the butter and cheese mixture. Place in a shallow earthen dish, add milk, one-quarter cup to each whole cracker. Bake until brown. Omit the cheese if preferred.

Lop Scotch

Cover six pilot crackers with cold water, for about an hour, or until soft. Lay in deep dish, one at a time, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, and drop bits of butter thickly over them, then another layer of crackers, seasoning, butter, and so on until all are used. Nearly cover with water or milk. Cover and bake until water or milk is absorbed. If too dry when taken from oven, pour over a little hot milk.