Bavarian Cream

One-quarter box of gelatine, one-quarter cup of cold water, one pint of cream, one-third cup of sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla. Soak gelatine in cold water until soft. Chill and whip cream until you have three pints of the whip. Boil remainder of the cream, or if all is used, one cup of milk with the sugar. When boiling add the soaked gelatine, stir until dissolved. Strain into bowl, add vanilla or lemon. Place bowl in ice and water, stir, and when beginning to thicken, stir in lightly the whipped cream.

Snow Pudding

One-half box of gelatine, one-quarter cup of cold water, one cup of sugar, one cup of boiling water, juice of one lemon, whites of three eggs. Soak the gelatine in cold water one hour, then dissolve in boiling water, add sugar and lemon juice, stir until all is dissolved, strain into a large bowl and set in ice water to cool. Stir occasionally. Beat the whites of eggs to a stiff froth; when the gelatine begins to thicken add beaten whites and beat all together until very light. When nearly stiff pour into a mould. Or beat until stiff enough to hold its shape, and pile lightly in a tall glass dish. Make a boiled custard of the yolks of the eggs, and serve with the pudding.

Apple Snow

Three large, tart apples, three eggs, one-half cup of powdered sugar. Steam apples (cored and quartered, not pared), then rub through a sieve. Beat the whites of the eggs stiff, add sugar and beat again, add apple and beat until like snow. Serve with boiled custard.

Ginger Apples

Make a syrup of four pounds of sugar and one pint of water. Chop four pounds of apples and one-fourth pound of green ginger root fine with three lemons. When the syrup boils add the apples and cook till clear; put into glasses or pots.

Apple Dessert

Pare and weigh two pounds of green apples. Cut them in small pieces and drop them into a rich syrup made of one-quarter pound of sugar and one-half cup of water. As soon as the syrup begins to boil add the grated rind and juice of one large or two small lemons. Boil till the apples are a solid mass. Turn out into a wet mould and let get cold. Serve on a dish surrounded with boiled custard. Eat with cream.

Baked Apples With Stale Bread

Peel and core apples with a fruit corer. Cut slices of stale bread (without crust) about one-quarter of an inch thick, the size of the apples, spread with butter, place in bake pan, set apple on each. Fill the hole in the apples with sugar, drop a piece of butter on each and set in a hot, but not quick, oven. When about half done fill the holes again with sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Place butter on top as before, and finish the cooking; serve warm. When done they may be glazed with apple jelly and put back in oven for two minutes.

Glace Meringue

Soak one tablespoon of gelatine in four tablespoons of cold water one hour. Pour over the soaked gelatine one-half cup of boiling water. Beat until smooth and cold. Then strain this into a quart of cream. Add one tablespoon of vanilla extract and one large cup of granulated sugar. Freeze. When frozen (it will take about fifteen minutes), take out the beater and pack smoothly, being careful to have the top perfectly level. Set away for two hours. When ready, beat the whites of six eggs to a stiff froth, and gradually beat into this two tablespoons of powdered sugar. Turn the cream out on an earthen dish and cover every part with meringue. Brown in hot oven and serve immediately. If the dish is flat put a board under it to keep the heat from the bottom.