Boiled Custard

One quart of milk, one cup of sugar, four eggs, pinch of salt. Beat the eggs, have the milk hot in double boiler, to which sugar has been added, pour the hot milk over beaten eggs return to double boiler, stir until thick. Have a bowl handy. As soon as custard begins to thicken at bottom and sides turn quickly into a dish. Flavor with one-half teaspoon of any extract preferred or grated rind and juice of one-half lemon.

Richer Custard

Yolks of six eggs; make as above directed. Heat whites to a stiff froth, add tablespoon of sifted sugar, and ornament the top of cold custard just before serving.

Boiled Custard

One cup of milk, one egg, one tablespoon of sugar, one-half teaspoon of flavoring. Scald the milk, beat the egg to a froth, and add the sugar; pour into scalded milk and stir until it thickens. Pour at once into a cold bowl; add flavoring. Serve with rice.


This dessert combines a pretty appearance with palatable flavor, and is a convenient substitute for ice cream. Beat the whites of six eggs in a broad plate to a very stiff froth, then add gradually six tablespoons of powdered sugar (to make it thicker use more sugar up to a pint), beating for not less than thirty minutes, and then beat in about one heaping tablespoon of preserved peaches, cut in tiny bits and set on ice until thoroughly chilled. In serving, pour in each saucer some rich cream sweetened and flavored with extract of vanilla, and on the cream place a liberal portion of the moonshine. This quantity is enough for seven or eight persons.

Virginia Caramel Custard

Separate the whites and yolks of five eggs, beat the yolks with a quarter of a pound of sugar, add the well beaten whites, and mix well with a quart of milk. Flavor with rose or almond, and then pour into a buttered mould. Set immediately into a pan of boiling hot water in a moderately hot oven. About half an hour will be required to set it firmly. When nicely browned and puffed up touch the middle with a knife blade: if it cuts as smooth as around the sides it is done. Take care not to overdo. Let custard stand until perfectly cold, turn out gently on a plate, and dust thickly with sugar, place in upper part of hot oven; the sugar soon melts and browns.