Rich Ice Cream

One quart of cream whipped, one and one-half cups of sugar, and flavoring. Freeze. (Directions for freezing : Layer of ice and rock salt alternately until freezer is full and tin is covered. When the crank turns hard the cream is frozen ; if you wish to pack remove paddle, pack solidly in the same tin, turn off the water, and repack. Cover the freezer with a piece of old carpet.) Pack frozen cream in fancy tins or tin boxes ; if packed in paper boxes put them in tins to keep out the salt. If cream is served in glasses whipped syllabub cream piled on the top, tinted some delicate color, has a very pretty effect.

Take strips of old muslin, grease on one side and put around the covers of mould before freezing, to keep out the salt.

When cream is partly frozen, firm ripe strawberries or raspberries may be added.

Serve sherbets, ice-creams, etc., on dishes that have been cooled in ice-chest. In packing ice-cream pack so that there are no air spaces through the cream.

Ice Cream (Southern)

One pint of milk, one pint of cream, one tablespoon of flour, one cup of sugar. Heat milk in double boiler, add sugar and a pinch of salt. Blend flour with a little milk perfectly smooth, add to hot milk ; stir well, and cook half an hour or more. Strain, put away in a cold place ; when cold remove scum, add one pint of whipped cream, flavor and freeze. This cream colored pink, and flavored with extract of rose, or green and flavored with pistachio, makes a pleasing variety. Freeze as above.

Banana Ice Cream

Make as for ice-cream, adding mashed strained bananas.