Meat Soups

Wash soup meat quickly with a piece of cheese cloth wrung out in cold water, to prevent the juices escaping.

Dark Meat Stock

Two and one-half pounds of the shin of beef, half a pound of liver and any trimmings of meat you may have, a veal hone; two and one-half quarts of cold water, teaspoon of salt, six whole cloves, six black pepper corns, a bunch of sweet herbs, one inch blade of mace, a stalk of celery, one carrot, onion and turnip chopped. Soak the meat in the water one and one-half hours before heating; then add vegetables, spices and herbs; simmer seven hours and strain. When needed for soup remove the fat and it will be ready for use. Soup stock keeps longer without vegetables. Never add water to soup after it begins to simmer.

Consomme, Or White Soup Stock

The above recipe will answer for white stock, using, instead of beef, veal or one large chicken.

Clearing. For Consomme Or Bouillon

Skim off all the fat. Turn the soup into the pot, being careful not to turn in the sediment, and set on the fire. Beat the white and shell of two eggs with one cup of cold water. Stir into the soup, and when it comes to a boil set hack where it will come to a simmer twenty minutes. Strain through a napkin wet in ice water, and if not ready to use, put away in a cool place. Ordinarily do not clear your soups, as the albumen is contained in the sediment, and is the most nourishing part of the soup. A piece of liver added to dark soups is considered by many an improvement. All milk soups and sauces should be cooked in double boiler.

Royal Custard

Half a cup of consomme. Beat the yolks of the two eggs (left from cleared consomme), and one-quarter teaspoon of salt, stir into the consomme. Butter a cup, pour in the custard, put the cup in a deep pan, and surround with hot water-Cook on the top of stove or in the oven until firm in the center. Let the custard cool. Turn out, cut in cubes, and add to consomme after it is dished.

Julienne Soup

One quart of stock, one scant pint of mixed vegetables. Cut vegetables with French cutter, and celery and onions into shreds. Cover with one pint of boiling water, when cooked add the one quart of hot stock. Season to taste. A little Worcestershire sauce may be added.

Macaroni And Vermicelli Soup

One quart of stock, one cup of vermicelli, or two to three sticks of macaroni, cooked until soft in salted water. Drain and add the quart of hot stock; season to taste.

Rice, Tapioca And Barley Soup

Two tablespoons of rice, tapioca or barley, cooked until tender, in boiling salted water, then pour on one quart of hot stock. Barley must be soaked one hour and boiled two hours or more. Rice is better with mutton or chicken stock; season to taste.

Tomato Soup

One quart of stock, one can of tomatoes; cook the tomatoes until soft enough to strain. Strain and add to one quart of hot stock, season to taste, add one teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of boiled rice.