It is impossible to give direct rules for roasting. Roast meats, rare .... per pound, ten minutes.

Roast meats, well done - per pound, fifteen minutes.

Lamb and veal ----- per pound, twenty minutes.

Turkey - - - - - - ten pound, three hours.

Chicken ------- three pound, one hour.

Game, rare - - - - - - twenty minutes.

Tame duck - - - forty minutes.

Fish ... eight pounds, till flesh will break or one hour.


New potatoes, small - - - boil twenty minutes.

Potatoes, old - - - - - - one-half hour.

Peas, new ------- twenty-flve minutes.

Peas, old from one-haif to one hour.

String beans ... from one-half to one hour and a half.

Onions and turnips ... from one to one hour and a half. Carrots and cabbage - - - from one to one hour and a half. Cauliflower and asparagus - - - - - one-half hour.

Artichokes - - - from one-half to three-quarters of an hour.

Vegetables must be put into boiling salted water to prevent the nutritious qualities from escaping.

Potatoes must be peeled before boiling. A bitter, indigestible juice lies near the skin. Do not leave the potatoes in cold water any length of time before cooking, because it draws out the starch; etc.

Potatoes that are to be cooked in deep fat, should lay in salted water a few hours, and dried in a cloth before cooking.