Sauce Tartare

Put into a mortar one tablespoon of butter and one teaspoon of chopped parsley. Pound to a smooth paste, and rub through a small strainer. Then pound two tablespoons of capers and two tablespoons of chopped cucumber pickles to a paste, and rub through a strainer on to the parsley and butter. Keep this mixture cool. Put in a bowl the yolks of two eggs uncooked, one teaspoon of mustard, one-half teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of salt, a little cayenne. Heat until thick and ropy (from 3 to 5 minutes), add oil, a few drops at a time, until so thick that the beater turns with difficulty, then add a tablespoon at a time until a gill and a half has been used. When the mixture is thick begin to add vinegar (alternating with oil), a teaspoon at a time, until two tablespoons have been used, then add one teaspoon of onion juice and the strained mixture. This sauce must be thick and smooth. To insure this add oil very slowly at first.

French Dressing

One tablespoon of vinegar, three tablespoons of oil, one saltspoon of pepper, one of salt. Mix well, take a small slice of bread, rub slightly with garlic, set in salad with which this dressing is to he served for an hour. Remove the bread, pour on the dressing. Garnish with beets or olives.

Remoullde Sauce

One pint of oil, one tablespoon each of plain and tarragon vinegar. Work the yolks of two hard boiled eggs until smooth, then the yolk of one raw egg, one teaspoon of mustard, and beat with the Dover beater five minutes. Add the oil one teaspoon at a time, beating three minutes between each spoonful. After adding five teaspoons in this manner, put in two or three at a time, and the vinegar as it thickens. When done add one-half teaspoon of salt, one-third teaspoon of white pepper, and one teaspoon of chopped parsley. It should be very thick.

Green Salad Dressing

Pound in a mortar a handful of thoroughly washed and wiped parsley, one bunch of chervil, one of chives, one small onion, one anchovy, a tablespoon of capers or olives. Take quarter of a cup of bread that has been thoroughly soaked—squeezed dry—pound to a paste and rub through a fine sieve. The bread must not be moist. Beat in well the yoke of one egg, then add slowly one-half cup of olive oil. If not green, color with extract of spinach. This is very nice with fish.

Sauce Et Garniture

Beat the yolk of one egg into a howl, add one-half teaspoonful of mustard, mix well with a fork. Add slowly one cup of olive oil, then season with salt and pepper to taste. This mixture should be thick; then add two tablespoonfuls of vinegar. Chop fine one tablespoonful of cucumber pickles, one tablespoonful of capers, one tablespoonful of chives, one tablespoonful of tarragon and add to the sauce.

Mayonnaise Dressing

One-half teaspoon of dry mustard, yolk of one egg, one pint of olive oil. Beat egg and mustard smooth, pour in a steady stream a tablespoon of oil at a time, beating constantly; beat three minutes between each spoonful, till one-half of oil is used. This should be very thick; now add teaspoon of vinegar, one teaspoon of salt, a speck of cayenne, a few drops of onion juice, if liked; add gradually remainder of oil, then vinegar to taste; more salt may be needed. Time for making fifteen minutes. During hot weather in making oil dressings place dish in ice water.

It is a very easy matter to keep a salad dressing on hand and it makes very many " cold bites " delicious, if retained in an agate vessel.

Boiled Dressing

Put one pint of vinegar and two teaspoons of salt on the stove to heat. Mix together one tablespoon of butter, two of dry mustard, and two of white sugar; add six tablespoons of cream and six eggs. When this is all well beaten, pour on the hot vinegar slowly and carefully, beating all the time. Then put it all on the stove and let it boil until it thickens like boiled custard. Thin it afterwards with more cream if you wish. Pour it into a bowl to cool and do not leave a spoon in it. Keep in a glass jar.