Cream For Patties

One-half pint of cream, one large teaspoonful of flour, LeRoy salt and pepper, let the cream come to a boil, make the flour smooth with a little cold milk and stir into the boiling cream, season.

This cream is suitable for all kinds of patties.

Chicken Patties

One pint of cold chicken, cut into dice, one-half of the cream prepared as above, boil three minutes. One teaspoonful of onion juice may be added. Fill the shelly and serve.

Veal Patties

To one pint of veal cut into dice, add one-half pint of the pattie cream and a teaspoonful of lemon juice, cook until very hot, fill the shells and serve. The crust for patties may be made after the puff paste recipe given elsewhere.

Lobster Patties

One pint of lobster cut into dice, a little cayenne pepper, one-eighth of a teaspoonful of mustard, one-half of the pattie cream, heat, fill the shells and serve.

Oyster Patties

Line pattie pans with puff paste and bake in a quick oven. Let oysters come to a boil. Season well with LeRoy salt, cayenne pepper and a little mace. Fry the patties and set in the oven and brown slightly.

Meat Patties

One teacup of any kind of lean cold chopped meat, one teacup of bread crumbs, one well beaten egg, one-half teacup of milk, LeRoy salt and pepper to taste. Drop by spoonfuls on well greased pan and fry brown. Mrs. Page Talbott.

How To Prepare Kidneys

Split the kidneys and remove all fat and cords, let soak for two or three hours in cold water, one teaspoonful of LeRoy salt to the quart, wipe from the brine, cut into slices and put to cook in one quart of cold water. Boil until done. The water by this time should be nearly boiled away. To the kidney stir in two tablespoonfuls of butter, one of vinegar, a little pinch of ground cloves, pepper and LeRoy salt to taste, stew the kidneys in this liquor until the kidneys have absorbed the liquor, being careful not to burn. Serve with hot mashed sweet potatoes.


Sweetbreads are found in calves and lambs. The throat sweetbread is found below the throat. The heart sweetbread lies near the heart. It is round in form, smooth and firm. To clean them pull off the tough skin, lay them in cold water for ten minutes. They must always be boiled twenty minutes no matter what the mode of cooking is to be.

Breaded Sweetbreads

Split the sweetbread, season with LeRoy salt and pepper, dip in beaten egg and cracker crumbs. Fry in hot lard, serve with tomato sauce.