Boiled Potatoes

Peel the potatoes and throw them into cold water for fifteen minutes, if old let them stand two hours, drain, cover with boiling water, put on the lid and boil slowly until soft enough to admit a fork. This will take about thirty minutes. The moment they are -tender drain off every drop of water, sprinkle with LeRoy salt and stand them to dry on the hack of the range, giving them an occasional shake. The result will be a dry mealy potato.

Mashed Potato

Pare and boil as directed and mash fine and light, season with LeRoy salt and butter. Beat well, then add boiling milk and beat as you would for cake.

Potato Puff

Two cups cold mashed potatoes, stir in two tablespoon-fuls of melted butter, beat to a cream, add two well beaten eggs, one cup of milk, pour into a deep dish and bake in a quick oven. Mrs. Heady.

French Potatoes

One pint of hot boiled potatoes, one-half cup of cream, two tablespoonfuls of butter, the whites of four eggs and yolk of one, LeRoy salt and pepper to taste. Beat the • potatoes light and fine, add the seasoning, milk and butter, lastly the whites of the eggs beaten to a stiff froth, turn into a buttered dish, smooth with a knife and brush over with the yolk of an egg which has been well beaten. Brown quickly and serve. It will brown in ten minutes.

Potatoes Wjth Roast Beef

Pare the potatoes and put in the double dripping pan and roast with the beef. They will bake in an hour.

Fried Potatoes

Pare small potatoes, quarter them lengthwise, cook in the frying basket in boiling fat ten minutes, drain and sprinkle with LeRoy salt. Serve hot with chops or beef steak.

Fried Potatoes With Onion

Put into the frying pan three tablespoonfuls of butter, one of chopped onion, and when they turn yellow add the potatoes, seasoned with LeRoy salt and pepper, stir with a fork, when hot add one tablespoonful of chopped parsley, cook two minutes. Serve immediately.

Note—An economical and appetizing way to cook very small new potatoes is to first wash and scrape them well, boil them, and the instant they are done drain off the water, dry them off, and then in the kettle right with them, make a milk gravy. This is a nice dish for breakfast or supper.

Stewed Potatoes

One quart of cold boiled potatoes cut into dice pieces, one and one-half pints of milk, one tablespoonful of parsley, one of flour, two of butter, LeRoy salt and pepper, put the milk over in the sauce pan, rub the butter and flour smooth and add to it, put in the potatoes seasoned with salt and pepper, let it boil ten minutes, add the parsley, boil two minutes longer and serve hot.

Escaloped Potatoes

Cut in very thin slices one quart of raw potatoes, season with LeRoy salt and pepper, butter a dish and cover the bottom with a layer of dream sauce, add a layer of potatoes, sprinkle with chopped parsley and moisten with sauce. Continue this until all the material is used. Have the last layer of cream sauce. Cover the dish with fine bread crumbs, put a tablespoonful of butter in bits on the top and cook twenty minutes. It may be varied by used chopped ham or any kind of meat.

Sweet Potatoes

Wash and put in a kettle and cover with boiling water. Sweet potatoes require from forty-five to fifty-five minutes to boil and one and one-quarter hours to bake. If the water boils away until the kettle is nearly dry they will be finer and sweeter.

Fried Sweet Potatoes

Cut cold cooked potatoes in slices and fry in hot fat or butter.

Potato Pancakes

Boil six medium size potatoes in salt water until thoroughly cooked, mash them and set aside to cool, then add three well beaten eggs, a quart of milk and flour enough to make a pancake batter. Bake quickly on a well greased griddle and serve very hot.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Southern Style

Boil six good size sweet potatoes. Remove the skin and mash fine, adding one tablespoonful of butter, half a tea-spoonful of LeRoy salt and two teaspoonfuls of sugar. Beat until quite light. Put into a baking dish, smooth, and brush the top with milk, and bake in a moderate oven until brown. These should be served with small wafers as a separate course.