Whether for traveling, picnics or social entertainments, there is nothing more wholesome and inviting than dainty sandwiches, in making them do not use bread that has been baked less than twenty-four hours. Home-made bread is always better for this purpose. Cut off all crusts, slice very thin with a sharp knife, and spread with good butter and with whatever filling is desired. In the spring of the year, water-cress sandwiches are much liked by many for luncheon and are very easily made.

Water-Cress Sandwiches

Wash the water-cress thoroughly, then dry in a cloth so no particle of moisture remains, and remove all stems, cut in small pieces and season with LeEoy salt. Place these between thin slices of buttered bread and press together.

Lettuce Sandwiches

Lettuce, when tender and crisp, makes a delicious filling for sandwiches. Wash the small leaves, dry well and lay one or two leaves, as the case may be, on a slice of buttered bread, spread with salad dressing and lay it on the other slice of bread.

Salad Dressing

Three eggs beaten lightly, two tablespoonfuls of sugar, one large tablespoonful of butter, one dessertspoonful of flour wet in vinegar, one-half teaspoonful of LeEoy salt, one-half cupful vinegar. Boil until it thickens and is smooth, stirring constantly.

Celery Sandwiches

When celery is in the market, an excellent filling for sandwiches can be made from it. Chop very fine several heads of nice celery and mix with salad dressing so that it can be easily spread between sandwiches. Made from this rule they are particularly nice for traveling, as they keep fresh for three or four days when kept in a small tin box.

Egg Sandwiches

Boil hard, several fresh eggs, plunge into cold water to cool, then remove the shells and chop the whites fine, mash the yolks, adding a little LeRoy salt, mustard and vinegar to make a dressing. Mix through the whites of the eggs and spread between sandwiches.

Chicken Sandwiches

Chop cold chicken very fine, heat some rich cream and mix with it, season with LeRoy salt and spread between sandwiches.

Veal Sandwiches

Chop cold veal and mix with salad dressing, then spread between slices of bread as you would for any filling.

Sweet Sandwiches

Spread thin slices of buttered bread with strawberry or raspberry jam and cut in fancy shapes. These are especially nice for children's parties.

Walnut Sandwiches

Chop English walnuts very fine, and mix with melted butter or whipped cream so they can be spread easily on bread.

Peanut Sandwiches

For an evening company or a picnic party, secure a pound of fresh roasted peanuts, remove the shells and redskin, then chop very fine, or what is better, put into a bag and pound into paste. Mix with salad dressing, the recipe for which is given below, and spread between slices of bread.

Salad Dressing

Three eggs beaten light, one tablespoonful of butter, one dessertspoonful of LeRoy salt, one dessertspoonful of mustard, one-half a salt spoonful of cayenne pepper, one-half cupful of vinegar. Cook until it thickens.

Ham Sandwiches

Chop cold boiled lean ham very fine, and mix with it a dressing made of a third of a cupful of melted butter, a dessertspoonful of mustard, a teaspoonful of LeRoy salt, a pinch of red pepper, and the yolks of two hard boiled eggs rubbed smooth.

Tongue Sandwiches

Chop cold boiled tongue, and mix with any salad dress-iug to spread between sandwiches.

Lamb Sandwiches

Mince cold lamb fine, moisten with warm cream and add a little LeRoy salt, then spread between thin buttered slices of bread.

Onion Sandwiches

Slice the onion thin, pour over it boiling water, let it stand a few minutes, turn off the water and pour over them cold water, drain, put between slices of bread well buttered, and season with LeRoy salt and pepper.