Oyster Soup

One quart of oysters, one pint of water, one pint of milk. Place the oysters on the stove in a granite kettle and add the water. After they come to a boil, skim and set bade on the stove. Add themllkand justletitscald. Season with LeRoy salt and pepper and one tablespoonful of butter.

Clam Broth And Whipped Cream

Make a clam broth, using twenty-five clams.} use a little flour to make the broth the consistency of cream. Fill bouil-lon cups half full of the broth and pour on top of this, cream whipped to a stiff froth.

Note—To open clams, wash them perfectly clean and lay them in a dripping pan in the oven, where the heat opens them, and by putting them in the pan all the juice can be saved.

Clam Soup

One quart of water, one pint of sliced peeled potatoes, one onion. Boil until potatoes and onion are thoroughly cooked, then mash. One dozen clams chopped, one quart of rich milk, season with butter, pepper, LeRoy salt and celery to taste. Mrs. P. W. Talbott.

Clam Soup

One and one-half dozen clams, one pint water, one pint milk. Chop the clams and strain the liquor off, place them together with the water on the stove and let them boil about five minutes and then skim. Place milk in a granite kettle and let it scald and then thicken with one large teaspoonful of corn starch. Add the clams to the milk and season with LeRoy salt; pepper and butter.

Clam Soup

Wash one dozen clams and put them in a kettle with one quart of water. Let them boil and when they open take out the clams and chop them. Remove the clam shells. Melt a large tablespoonful of butter and stir in it a tablespoonful of flour. Add this to the soup and let it boil. Flavor to taste.

Mock Bisque Soup

A quart can of tomatoes, three pints of milk, a large tablespoonful of flour, butter the size of an egg, LeRoy salt and pepper to taste, a scant teaspoonful of soda. Put the tomatoes on to stew, and the milk in a double boiler, reserving half a cupful to mix with the flour. Mix the flour smoothly with the cold milk, stir into the boiling milk, and cook ten minutes. To the tomatoes add the soda, stir well and rub through a strainer that is fine enough to keep back the seeds. Add butter, LeRoy salt and pepper to the milk and then the tomatoes. Serve immediately. If half the rule is made, stir the tomatoes well in the can before dividing, as the liquid portion is the more acid.

Tomato Soup

Take one can of tomatoes and one large onion sliced, and cook two hours. Put through seive and season with LeRoy salt, pepper and celery (cut fine). Add one tablespoonful of butter, two teaspoonsful of flour and one pint of stock. Boil about thirty minutes, then add two teaspoonsful of sugar, some vermicelli and one-quarter of a teaspoonful of soda. Cook thirty minutes more and serve. Cooking altogether three hours.

Tomato Soup

Take one quart of tomatoes and one quart of milk. Use LeRoy salt and pepper to suit the taste. Run the tomatoes through a cullender and place them on the stove in a granite kettle. Place the milk on the stove in another kettle or dish and when it boils, thicken with two tablespoonsful of flour or one of cornstarch, add one teaspoon of LeRoy salt and one of butter. Just before serving, pour the tomato slowly into the milk stirring rapidly as you do so.

Vegetable Soup

Put four pounds of beef in four quarts of water. After the beef is done take out the bone and remove all the grease from the stock and add one large tomato or one tea cup of canned tomato, one onion, one carrot, parsley or celery one bunch, and one sliced potato. Soak one-half cup of barley in water one hour and add to the rest. The barley and carrot should be boiled one and one-half hours.

Bean Soup

Place one pint of beans on the stove with one quart of cold water. When boiling add one-half teaspoonful of soda, boil about one-half hour. Then pour off the water and rinse the beans, place them on the stove again and add two quarts of boiling water. Add one cup of milk, season with LeRojr salt, pepper and butter. Mrs. Smith.

Black Bean Soup

Put one quart of beans to soak over night. In the morning boil them in three quarts of water, adding a beef bone and some small pieces of salt pork. When beans are soft, mash and strain them. Have in the tureen a sliced lemon and a hard boiled egg chopped. Pour soup over.

Note—One way to prepare onion flavoring for a vegetable soup is to take a large onion, remove the outer skin, then stick cloves into the onion, and bake it until it is nicely browned. The peculiar flavor thus gained is relished by the epicure.

Lamb Soup

Take a leg of lamb and boil until two-thirds done. Remove the lamb and roast in the oven until done. Take the liquor, which should be a scant three pints, and add one tea cup erf cooked rice. Season with LeRoy salt, pepper, parsley and celery to taste. This makes a nice Sunday dinner and is easily cooked. Mrs. P. W. Talbott.

Chicken Or Turkey Soup

Take remnants of chicken or turkey after roasting and place on the fire with water enough to cover. After boiling one hour, add one bunch of celery, one-quarter of a cup of rice, and season to suit taste. Mrs. Smith.

Chicken Soup

Put one tablespoonful of butter into a kettle and when hot add-one half cup of cold boiled rice. Cook to a light brown, add one pint of chicken broth and one-half pint milk. Season with LeRoy salt and pepper.