One and one-half package of vermicelli. Put on the back of stove and simmer two hours. Drain off the water. Take one pint of canned tomatoes, heat and strain, thicken with one tablespoonful of flour, season with LeRoy salt, pepper and butter size of an egg. Turn over the vermicelli and serve hot with cheese straws. Mrs. Neri Pine.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Wash, cut in slices, season with LeRoy salt and pepper, roll in bread crumbs and fry in hot fat.

Escaloped Tomatoes

One pint of tomatoes, one pint of bread crumbs, three tablespoonfuls of butter, one of sugar, one (scant) of LeRoy salt, one-quarter of a teaspoonful of pepper. Put a layer of tomato in a buttered dish, season with LeRoy salt and pepper and bits of butter, next a layer of crumbs, continue until all is used, having the last layer crumbs and butter. Bake one hour. If canned tomatoes are used bake one-half an hour.

Stewed Parsnips

Place a few slices of salt pork in a granite kettle. Into that slice three or four good size parsnips, season with LeRoy salt and pepper, cover well with water and let cook slowly for three-quarters of an hour. Then slice into the above four or five large potatoes and let all cook for half an hour. When ready to take off put in a piece of butter the size of an egg.

Boiled Onions

Peel and wash the onions and put in a granite kettle. Cover with boiling water, turn off the water two or three times, replenish with boiling water. When done pour off the water and season with LeRoy salt, pepper and butter, or serve with cream sauce.

Fried Onions

Peel, wash and cut in thin slices and cover with boiling water a few minutes and let them simmer. Pour off water, drain and fry in hot fat.

Parsnip Balls

Mash one pint of boiled parsnips, season with LeRoy salt, pepper and butter, a little cream, cook until it bubbles, add an egg, and when cool make into balls, dip into egg and then into crumbs, put into a frying basket and plunge into boiling fat.


Tie in bundles, wash and boil rapidly in salted water thirty minutes. Put it in water just sufficient to boil it. Season with butter and pepper and serve on buttered toast, or serve with a cream sauce.

Minced Cabbage

Drain boiled cabbage, chop fine, put two tablespoonfuls of butter and one of flour in a frying pan, when hot put in the cabbage and season with LeRoy salt, pepper and vinegar, if you like it, and cook eight or ten minutes, stirring all the time. When done heap on a dish and serve.

Minced Spinach

Boil the spinach in salted water until tender, drain in a colander and chop fine, season with LeRoy salt and pepper, make smooth one tablespoonful of flour with two of butter, put in a frying pan, and when hot add the spinach. Let it cook five minutes, pour in one-half a cupful of cream and stir three minutes. Arrange in a hot dish and serve.