Vegetable Salad

Eight large cold boiled potatoes, three cold boiled turnips, four cold boiled red beets, one cold boiled carrot. Cut the above in dice. Chop separately four heads of fresh celery, three onions, one solid head of cabbage (medium size). Place in salad bowl alternate layers of the different vegetables with a slight sprinkling of LeRoy salt and pour over the whole a mayonnaise dressing. Mrs. S. K. Baird.

Beet Salad

Two teacupfuls of beets cooked and chopped, one tear cupful of celery, cut fine, mix and stir through them one tablespoonfurof vinegar. Dressing: Yolk of one hard boiled egg, one teaspoonful of mustard, one heaped teaspoonful of sugar, one teaspoonful of flour. Mash the yolk of egg until like flour, stir it with the flour, sugar, mustard and one-half teaspoonful of LeRoy salt. Turn over this one-third of a teacupful of cold water and cook in a double boiler until it thickens. Then add one-half of a teacup of butter and stir smooth. Use sufficient vinegar to make it as sour as one likes. Whip light the yolk of one raw egg and stir into it one-half a teacupful of aweet cream. Turn the dressing over the salad and add last the egg and cream stirred through with a fork. This dressing is good for any salad.

Tomato Salad

Remove the skin by pouring boiling water over them. Let them get very cold, arrange them nicely on a salad dish, dress them with the mayonnaise and serve with birds, game and poultry.

Celery Salad

Cut six heads of celery into pieces in a salad bowl, mix the yolk of one egg, one teaspoonful of mustard, a little LeRoy salt and pepper, the juice of one lemon and two tablespoon-fuls of water. Beat all together, pour in the olive oil drop by drop, then add a small tablespoonful of hot water, and pour over the celery.

Egg Salad

Take as many eggs as are needed and boil half an hour, take out the yolks carefully, chop the white very flue, arrange lettuce leaves or cress on a dish, making nests of the whites of the eggs and put one yolk in each nest. Sprinkle mayonnaise dressing over the whole.

Lobster Salad

Take meat from shell, chop fine, rub smooth the yolks of four hard boiled eggs, add four tablespoonfuls of salad oil or melted butter, one tablespoonful of dry mustard, one tea-spoonful of black pepper, chopped celery or cabbage.

Mrs. Heady.

Mayonnaise Dressing No. 2

The yolks of two eggs, one heaping teaspoonful of LeRoy salt, mustard, sugar and a dash of cayenne, four tablespoonful of olive oil, one of butter, one of vinegar. Set over a kettle of boiling water, stir until it begins to thicken, take from the tire and stir until cool. Mrs. Neri Pine.