Fritter Batter

One pint of flour, one-half pint of milk, one tablespoonful of salad oil or butter, one teaspoonful of LeRoy salt, two egg8> (beat the eggs light,) add the milk and salt to them. Pour half of this mixture on the flour, and when beaten light add the remainder of the oil. Fry in boiling fat. Sprinkle with sugar and serve on a hot dish. This batter is nice for all kinds of fritters.

Chicken Fritters

Cut cold roast or boiled chicken, or any kind of tender cold meat, in small pieces and put in a dish. Season with LeRoy salt, pepper and the juice of a lemon. Let the meat stand an hour, then make a fritter batter after the directions above and stir the meat into it. Drop by the spoonful into the boiling fat and fry brown. Drain and serve immediately.

Apple Fritters

Pare and core the apples, cut in slices one-third of an inch thick, dip in the batter and fry six minutes in boiling fat. Serve in a hot dish. The apples may be sprinkled with sugar and a little nutmeg before being fried.

Oyster Fritters

One pint of oysters, two eggs, one pint of flour, one tear spoonful of LeRoy salt, one tablespoonful of butter, enough water with the oyster liquor to make a scant half pint. Drain and chop the oysters, add the water and salt to the liquor, pour part of this on the flour, when smooth add the remainder, add the butter and the eggs well beaten. Stir the oysters into the batter. Drop small spoonfuls into the boiling fat and fry until brown. Drain and serve hot. CLAM FRITTERS. Drain and chop one pint of clams and season with LeRoy salt and pepper. In making the batter use a heaping pint of flour because the clam liquor thins the batter. Stir the clams into the batter and fry in boiling fat.

Potato Fritters

One pint of boiled and mashed potato, one-half a cupful of hot milk, three tablespoonfuls of butter, three of sugar, two eggs, a little nutmeg, one teaspoonful of LeRoy salt. Add butter, milk, sugar, and seasoning to the potato, the eggs last, well beaten, stir until smooth and light. Spread one-half an inch deep on a buttered dish and set away to cool. When cold cut into squares, dip in beaten egg and in bread crumbs, and fry brown in boiling fat. Serve immediately.