Hiram Butler, in his work on Solar Biology, has evolved a connection of the twelve tribes of Israel with the twelve Signs of the Zodiac. He sees a picture in the description of Jacob's twelve sons, of the twelve types of the people of this earth. They are given in regular order beginning with Libra:

Libra is Reuben, who sees the vision of the sun, and whose leading characteristic is a power of foresight, vision, or intuitive perception.

Scorpio is Simeon, "That hears or obeys," whose leading characteristic is obedience to authority, and a demand for obedience from those under them.

Sagittarius is Levi, " who is joined, held or associated," and whose leading characteristic is fidelity and faithfulness to the marriage vow.

Capricornus is Judah," The Praise of the Lord," whose leading characteristics are a devotion to large business enterprises, and an interior inexpressible ideality.

Aquarius is Dan, "A judge or judgment," whose leading characteristie is an accurate intuition in judging the nature and disposition of peoples.

Pisces is Naphtali, " Wrestlings," whose nature is an anxious wrestling with itself all through life.

Aries is Gad, of whom it is said, " A troop Cometh," and means armed and prepared. This is the brain, which prepares for all emergencies of life.

Taurus is Asher, " blessedness or happiness," whose leading characteristic is a happy self-satisfied condition.

Gemini is Issachar, " price, reward," and signifies the recompense of mental power this sign always possesses.

Cancer is Zebulun, " dwelling," and shows domestic proclivities and great love of home.

Leo is Joseph and has a double meaning, " increase," and " judgment, luminous and perfect." The leading characteristic being a great love nature, and a power as a leader of the people for good.

Virgo is Benjamin, " Son of Eight Hand, or Power," whose leading characteristics are an unparalleled strength of will and power of self-preservation.

The following table shows the twelve signs with their corresponding twelve tribes: