This is the Negative Pole of the Fire Triune and corresponds to the motor nerves and thighs of the Grand Man.

Its colors are red, green and gold. Its birth stones are carbuncles, turquoises and diamonds.

Its profession is traveling, buying and selling, commercial enterprises, or anything in which the great executive ability, penetrating foresight, and wealth amassing characteristics of this sign can be exercised.

This nature is cautious, conservative, courageous in defense rather than offense, self-reliant, introspective, and as in all fire people, its keynote and mainspring is its deep love-nature, less impetuous but more lasting, devoted and faithful than either Aries or Leo.

Its tribe is Leviómeaning "Those who are joined or bound" which is characteristic of its fidelity and faithfulness to the marriage-vow.

Its ruling planets are Mars and Jupiter. Sagittarius people are almost invariably refined and graceful, with a quiet elegance of manner and dress. Their eyes are expressive and true, their movements quick, the shorter ones more robust and jovial, the tall slender ones silent, and appreciative.

These people should guard against intensity of application and overwork, which is liable to cause a derangement of the digestion. They should have plenty of fresh air and not too much sedentary occupation, or their lungs might suffer, and should take precautions against rheumatism.

Sagittarius is a masculine sign and is considered a most fortunate sign in which to be born. It seems to gather all the energy of the two preceding Fire Signs, and instead of wasting it in Aries' impetuosity, or Leo's love of show, it turns it all inward away from the world. This makes these people independent, original, a law to themselves, and regardless of others' opinions. They still retain the impulsiveness and generosity of Aries, but lack the intense regard for appearances of Leo. For this reason, the quiet poise of their manner often creates a better impression than the studied elegance of Leo. Being fire people, they possess a prophetic intuition, and have a natural inclination toward higher aims than some of their neighbors, which fact should make them very thankful and not at all conceited, and should rouse them to greater efforts to shake off any incumbering bad habits they may possess. They should remember where much is given much is required.

These are the archer people who generally hit the mark. In games of skill when a good aim is required they excel, also in shooting and fencing. And still surer are they of hitting the mark when in anger they hurl an accusation or sarcasm invariably at the weakest spot of their opponents' armor. They should remember this and lay it on their conscience not to so cruelly hurt their fellow men. For all the nagging and fault-finding, the criticism and ill-temper of the other signs, cannot so mercilessly wound, as Sagittarius' keen barbed arrow driven straight into the one defenseless, helpless break in the armor, the one sore spot .in the heart. They themselves are so perfect in their own power of defense, so well-protected, and sure of themselves that the shots of others only occasionally penetrate far enough to hurt them.

These people, like Virgo, have the power to take care of themselves, to which they add the ability to care for others also, and an inherent faculty for amassing wealth. Not in speculation, like Libra, but cautiously, wisely and far see-ingly, for they are always shooting their arrows far ahead, and then more than likely wearing themselves out trying to keep up with them. This faculty of looking ahead is often seen in Sagittarius in the prophesying of events, such as the prediction of storms and weather changes, the announcement of who it was rang the bell, or what a letter contains. One can often tell a Sagittarius person from these little traits. They are also the emergency people; they seem to know by instinct what to do in cases of sudden danger or untoward occurrences. Often of a seemingly timid or indifferent nature, they will rise at such times to heights of heroism and presence of mind which astonish every one, including themselves.

As Libra conserves laws and ideas, this nature conserves wealth, and in consequence these two work to great advantage together.

This conservative or defensive power is strongly noticeable in all their acts. Quiet, inoffensive, poised they seemingly have a mild, easily controlled nature. But go too far, offend their pride or self-love, in other words invade their own territory, and instant and utter route may be expected.

Their shafts are unanswerable and their defense perfect.

Their motto is Touch me not!

And we will say for them that they are too busy tending to their own affairs, to interfere with others. It is said of this sign that because of its wealth amassing proclivities it causes more success, and prosperity or more distress and misery to others than any other. It reads human nature well and takes advantage of others' experience in the past, the habits of the present, and its prophetic insight into the future.

These people are distinctly persons of one thing at a time. They throw their whole force and strength into whatever they are doing, to the absolute exclusion of everything else and this may be the reason why they so often succeed. But it tends to wear them out as they never want to drop a thing till it's finished, an unfinished task hanging over their heads like a sword of Damocles. It also superinduces a nervous irritability, when interrupted by other things, which is a sign of a somewhat narrow mentality and should be peremptorily stifled. In this forecasting way of theirs these people are apt to draw conclusions not always correct, but which they treat as facts, thus sometimes getting a name for fabricating, which is generally entirely undeserved. But for their own peace of mind they should make themselves morally sure of every statement they make. Neatness with them is a virtue, and they dislike disorder of any kind. They hate anything underhand or secret, even going so far at times as to disapprove strongly of secret societies. If they ever suspect everything is not perfectly open and square, they give their opinion of it on the spot, and this tactless habit of saying carelessly and sometimes cruelly whatever comes into their minds makes many enemies and hurts many friends. Yet these people are the most devoted of friends, and are likewise equally bitter enemies, though their better nature usually restrains them from the acts of violence sometimes committed by the inhabitants of the other signs. But their quick temper often causes them to say and do what they are sorry for. They have a natural inclination toward purity of thought and action, and this is the fundamental cause for their physical power and endurance. Their physical strength is greater than that of people born under any other sign.

They love music, and some of the finest musicians have come from this sign. They are naturally religious and home-loving. To be able to have a home of their own to which they can devote some of their superfluous energies in beautifying it and making it comfortable, is the greatest desire of a Sagittarius heart, and the love they give their help-mate is of the highest, most devoted and ideal kind, the wreck of these natures often being brought about by a failure to obtain the one of their choice, or to unfortunately bind themselves to a coarse and unsympathetic nature.

Their most harmonious union will be with their opposite pole, Aries. They sometimes mate with Virgo, but usually are put on the defensive by Virgo's criticisms. A more peaceful union would be with Libra. Sagittarius and Gemini occasionally make most sympathetic marriages; also Sagittarius and Aquarius, though the coldness and irresponsiveness of this latter sign is generally a source of pain to the former. Sagittarius people are most fortunate during their own sign, but may have some misfortune during the week beginning June 27th.