This is the Head Sign of the Air Triune, and corresponds to the shoulders, arms and hands of the Grand Man. Its colors are green, red, blue, and white, its birth stones beryl, aquamarine and sapphire, its profession is lecturing, literature, or politics, and its characteristics are the power of clear expression and good reasoning. Its tribe is Issachar, meaning reward, the Gemini nature always receiving the reward of its mental labors, in fame if not in money. It is the natural home of Mercury, the planet nearest the sun, which gives a quick and brilliant brain power and a great love of new knowledge. In other words, these people are the reformers and pioneers in all things of educational and progressive advancement.

Their personal appearance is generally of a nervous, alert, high-strung, bookish type. Either small, or of medium height, they possess a well-shaped head, brown hair, good color, a quick eye —usually hazel or brown—narrow, studious shoulders and a student's stoop.

These are the people who would be greatly benefited by a thorough course of corrective gymnastics, being inclined to have weak throats and a leaning toward nervous prostration; though, owing to their changeable nature, they would probably take it up most enthusiastically and, soon losing interest, drop it before it had time to materially benefit them.

The sign Gemini is the Greek myth of the Twins Castor and Pollux, and its people partake of its character, having a double nature which is constantly contradicting itself. They seem to have two minds about everything they do, one nature desiring it, the other not. With one phase of character they are idealists, reformers, peace-lovers ; with the other, they are mundane, tyrannical and quarrelsome. They are apt to talk beautifully and practice badly. But given the education, training and will to control and lift up that unregenerate half, so that both may pull in the same direction instead of against each other, and the beauty and sweetness of this character can be likened only to the heights and purity to be obtained by the air, of which it is a type. The poet Emerson is one of these harmonious Gemini people.

They further carry out this likeness in their nervous restlessness and desire to travel. They are brilliant, unstable, graceful, airy and fickle. Wonderfully artistic and intuitive, their undoubted intellectual ability makes fine writers and public speakers of them. But their instability of character tends to lose for them the confidence their brilliant speech has gained.

The fact that the newest thing will always supplant the rest, and that they are constantly substituting new boards in their mental or political platform, causes people to distrust the brilliant intellect on which they are tempted to depend. They are preeminently fitted to be commercial travelers or touring lecturers, their restlessness, bright speech, graceful manner, tact, and headi-ness assuring them success, and the fact that they are constantly moving on, preventing any show of instability. It must not be forgotten that they belong to the arms and hands of the Grand Man and this gives them unusual mechanical ability. They seem to have more serviceable hands than other people, more skilful and better controlled, and are fond of making ingenious little labor-saving devices and improving on other people's more clumsy work. Like air, they are always moving, and their constant activity is a result of their restless craving for something new.

Air people, like fire people, should cultivate repose of manner, and should have one hour of the day for absolute quiet. They should be surrounded by wholesome, restful people, as too much excitement is very bad for them and is apt to induce one of their tornadoes of rage.

These babies are inclined to be hysterical while teething, and should be kept very quiet and happy at this time. Indeed this applies to their whole childhood. If a Gemini child is kept satisfied and happy all his minority, when he arrives at years of discretion there will be no habits of excitable nervousness nor restless discontent to battle with, and his dual nature working harmoniously in one direction will have a strength and compass to it which would be perfectly irresistible. These people think a great deal of blue blood, and are excessively proud of their family and ancestry. They are generally religious and will show less instability in sticking to their chosen sect than in anything else. They are charitable, self-sacrificing and affectionate, and for this reason do not always attain the wealth they might accumulate if they had more miserly tendencies.

They are in a great degree butterfly people— brilliant, inspirational, inconsequent, blown hither and thither by every new breath of air, easily beaten down and as easily uplifted, to be loved, humored, comforted and gently led into steady says, but to whom to argue with the hard facts of reason would be to waste the breath.

In marriage, the greatest happiness may be expected from a union of Gemini and Aquarius, the corresponding poles of air. The reserve, strength and quiet of the Aquarius nature gives the rest and stability to Gemini of which it stands in so much need, at the same time that the two air natures have a sympathetic bond of mutual comprehension.

Leo, the middle sign of Fire, would make a congenial companion. Virgo, the middle sign of Earth, is believed by some to be a good match, but the caustic criticism and cold, fault-finding nature of a purely material Virgo person, would break the nervous butterfly Gemini on the wheel. A better match would be the negative pole of Fire—Sagittarius—though in this case one would feel sorry for the faithful, loving Archer, bound to inconsequent Gemini.

Give these people a responsible position, which is at the same time congenial and progressive, and they will settle down with a steady attention to business truly commendable. But unoccupied and dissatisfied there is no telling what mischief their restless desire to be doing something will make.

This unintentional mischief-making as a child, coupled with their nervous fear of consequences, tends to make them very untruthful, and if not early broken up this habit follows them through life.

If Gemini people would learn to criticise themselves, not others, and talk about others, not themselves, stop complaining of their own troubles, but give more thought to other people's, learn, as children, to keep their hands and feet still, and as grown people to conquer their restless habits, these people would reach to their rightful heights the rare pure air which merges into the ether of the universe. The most fortunate times of the year for Gemini people to undertake new enterprises are the weeks beginning April 26th and November 14th.