This is the Negative Pole of the Air Triune, and corresponds to the ankles of the Grand Man. Its colors are salmon pink, Nile green and blue. Its birth stones are sapphire, opal, and turquoise. Its profession is art, music— especially vocal—electricity and social leadership.

Its chief characteristics are memory, sensitiveness, good taste, and a faculty for absorbing and retaining knowledge.

Its tribe is Dan, meaning a judge, and it seems to possess a wonderful gift of reading human nature.

Its planets are Uranus and Saturn. The natural tendency of these people is toward a fine, dignified appearance—tall and healthy— with beautiful complexions and clear eyes. But there are also found careless and lazy persons in this sign and these suffer much in appearance and health. Their inactive habits cause bad circulation, which induces pains in the head and feet, nervous break-downs, fits of the blues and rheumatism. This is a masculine, talkative sign, the women in it being apt to be quiet and negative, or possessed of an almost masculine ability. These are honorable, high-minded people, proud and quiet. They possess a strong magnetic power over those with whom they come in contact, which makes friends for them wherever they go, makes them excellent teachers of children and gives them the most wonderful healing and quieting control over the insane. They like city life and social intercourse of all kinds and the men make natural politicians and financiers, and the women patronesses of operas and public entertainments. When endowed with a deep religious nature these people become pillars of the Church. The women make good, tasteful and economical housekeepers, except where their love of appearances and display leads them into extravagance. Once a friend with them is a friend always, and their friendship is of the most devoted and loyal kind. Their excessive sensitiveness sometimes goes so far as to interfere with their health, in the case of inharmonious home life. It is thought that Aquarius babes have died from no other reason than living near a noisy factory. But this trait, unlike the abnormal self-love of Virgo, makes them very sympathetic for others. This faculty in a highly endowed nature makes them most successful workers for the public good. And politicians of this stamp are much beloved by their followers.

The controlling power of the well-poised, unruffled spirit looking through the steady, clear eyes of the high-minded Aquarius person makes them leaders—often unconsciously—of whatever sphere they are in. And on the other hand, the lazy, indifferent, careless one passes unnoticed or avoided through life. So we see these people can be the strongest or weakest in the world. They are clear reasoners, and are capable of acquiring a fine education if they can overcome their natural disinclination to work, and cultivate enough application. But even in cases where there has been no chance for an elaborate education these people still seem to absorb information as they go through life and appear, helped by the natural dignity which this sign possesses, to as great or greater advantage than others of far more learning. They should strive to overcome their love of a fine personal appearance, and their rather slavish deference to public opinion, as too great a regard for these two things will stunt the growth of the finest nature and lead almost invariably to extravagance and debt.

These are faithful, earnest workers in any position they may take, whether congenial or not and have the faculty of making themselves proficient in it. Public parades and public resorts of all kinds are their delight, and it is said that if one were to ask the date of birth of those we meet in crowded assemblies, the greater part would be Aquarius people, or those characterized by Aquarius. This love of intercourse with their fellow men makes them natural traders and in this way they find their greatest success. They are nervous people generally induced by their love of social pleasures, which leaves them too little time to rest. Their best medicine would be rest, regularity in living and sleep. From trying to do so much they form a habit of breaking their promises and failing to keep their appointments, and one of the first things an Aquarius person should learn is to keep his word. They mustn't forget they belong to Air, and in spite of their wonderful gifts, they are far too easily blown hither and thither by public opinion and their own moods. Like Capricornus they must overcome their tendency to be happy one day and blue the next. The women are fond of owning property, but very nervous and anxious about its proper care and the management of their investment. They are not passionate or easily roused, but can deliver a very dignified and crushing rebuke when necessary.

Both men and women are very fearful of poverty, which is a debasing and morbid trait for a healthy, energetic person, and will stunt their higher development more surely than almost anything else short of crime. The women are apt to be timid and fearful of everything and this fault should be eradicated in childhood, along with the procrastination, and caprice of this sign. The men sometimes degenerate into braggarts and toadies, and they are both too fond of blue blood and aristocratic connections.

To overcome their restless anxiety and melancholy, they should look always for the good in everybody and everything, and try to convince themselves that the world and the people in it are growing better, not worse all the time. They should strive not to condemn in others the faults they have themselves, and aim to become perfectly independent of public opinion.

Taken all in all, the high-minded Aquarius persons are very lovable. They make the most true and loya] friends, and the most loving and devoted wives and husbands, and unless married to an impossible subject, they have the faculty of making their husbands, wives and children very happy, and their home a little paradise. They belong to the Negative or Attractive Pole, and they also have an intrinsic and powerful magnetic attraction of their own, so they count their friends by the score, and stand a better chance of being happy in their marriage relation, and making a harmonious union with more of the other signs than many of their neighbors.

Their Positive Pole, Gemini, would make a very sympathetic union with them, Gemini probably getting the best of the bargain. A marriage with Aries would be wonderfully harmonious and the harmony would last.

Sagittarius and Aquarius would accord well, both of the contracting parties being improved by such a union.

Aquarius and Pisces would be a good intellectual match for each other, though both are too much inclined to worry.

A union with Leo would be ardent and sympathetic.

One with Cancer would be a good thing for Cancer, but if Cancer were still an unregenerate, a sorry one for Aquarius.

The two most fortunate weeks of the year for Aquarius people, are those beginning May 27th and October 14th.