This is the Middle Sign of the Earth Triune, and corresponds to the Solar Plexus and Digestion of the Grand Man.

Its colors are amber, gold, and black with turquoise spots. Its birth stones are pink, jasper and hyacinth.

Its profession is chemistry, proof-reading and the finer details of a large organization. And its chief characteristics are order, method, self-reliance and will-power.

Its Tribe is Benjamin, meaning Son of Eight Hand, or Power. The ruling planets are, Yenus, Uranus, and Mercury.

Its personal appearance is almost invariably that of health and strength, as this Sign is considered the healthiest Sign in the Zodiac, having no diseases common to it at all and bestowing everlasting youth on all those born in it. They have unusually fine, well-built figures, oval face, strong voice and fine carriage. Their manners are more elegant than gentle, and are sometimes laid aside entirely.

It is a feminine sign—the women born in it being especially brilliant and aggressive.

There is a strong resemblance seen between them and their Leo neighbors, as Joseph and Benjamin were the only two sons of Rachel, and also because though Virgo is an Earth Sign it stands for the interior fire in the Earth, which makes it akin to Leo.

The Earth Element tends to give them a materialistic cast of mind, and the Fire, a keenly accurate and discriminating eye, which makes them fine literary critics. They are extremely fond of music, generally being expert performers on some instrument.

The order and method of their minds they carry into their business and personal habits, making valuable organizers in everything which needs to be reduced to a method. For this reason they make fine scholars, pigeon-holing their knowledge and information in their minds in the most available form.

They are without exception the healthiest people in the world, and yet there is no sign which shows such a mania for medicine taking. These are the people who patronize the new cures—and patent medicines—a quack having an irresistible attraction for them. They pin their faith to their physician and almost wear his life out with their incessant demands for new medicines for every ache or pain they have or imagine. If these Yirgo people, with their wonderful digestion and assimilative powers, would forswear all medicines, except fresh air, wholesome diet, early hours and regular habits, the wonderful health and vitality they would gain and keep would be the envy of all their less fortunate friends. Like their Leo neighbors, they prefer people of good appearance, are fastidious in dress and are firm believers in good family and blue blood. They take great interest in the affairs of others and are inveterate matchmakers, but though they may interfere themselves, they will not allow others to meddle, and can keep a secret when necessary.

These people are decidedly self-supporting. They are the capable and successful members of society, no matter in what walk of life, though perhaps they reach their greatest height as musicians, chemists, public speakers, writers, editors and reporters.

They easily win the trust of their employers, fellow workmen, and the public at large through their intellectual discrimination, their knowledge of human nature, and the steady permanence and security of their temperaments. A family-tree is an essential to the happiness of Virgo people and their exaggerated family love or clannish-ness sometimes widens into the political party champion or patriotic leader, where their elegance of manner and power of influencing and gaining the trust of the public are the means of brilliant successes. Whereas Leo cannot take a disappointment with any degree of composure, Virgo people rebound quickly from any disaster and begin with all their strength and capabilities to build a success out of the defeat.

They have a wonderfully exact sense of touch and a keen ear for harmony. And these characteristics make them very sensitive in every way, sometimes degenerating into carping criticism of everybody and everything and an intolerant desire for perfection in others, though far from furnishing an example of it themselves. So there are found fault-finding men and nagging women in this sign, and always consciously or unconsciously a critical weighing and measuring of human nature.

Like fire-people, these earth-fire people need harmony in domestic life, though frequently they themselves are the principal cause of the in-harmony. They are the kind of people who cannot sleep in a disorderly room, are rendered irritable by dusty furniture and lose their appetite, or become downright ill if there is quarreling at the table.

(We might say right here, there isn't a person born under any sign in the Zodiac who can get any good from eating during a quarrel).

The domineering tendency of Yirgo, like that of Leo, should be suppressed in youth. They are not natural leaders, though they frequently fill high positions, and their constant commands.

This sensitiveness is constitutional with them, in company with their delicate touch, fine skin and acute feeling, and makes them unable to stand any pain at all.

This sign possesses an intense power of loving, coupled with great self-control.

The women are inclined to be hero worshipers, and both men and women make very devoted husbands and wives.

A marriage of Virgo and Pisces has often resulted in harmony and happiness. Virgo married to another of its own sign is a wonderfully sympathetic union, if each will give up its domineering tendencies. Virgo and Libra make a brilliant couple. And Virgo and Sagittarius tend to more originality than is usually found in Virgo alone, though the unconscious selfishness occasionally found in Sagittarius, sometimes makes a union with an unregenerate Virgo person somewhat stormy.

Virgo people will be successful with any enterprise begun during the weeks commencing May 10th and December 28th, but unfortunate during the week beginning June 21st.