From the principles given thus far it can easily be seen what possibilities there are in this new means of overcoming the unsurmountable obstacles against which we have been so blindly contending for centuries.

The difficulty of selecting a suitable partner in business, a sympathetic nurse for an invalid, or a congenial associate in any way would be greatly obviated by a study of astrology.

But in this science, as in everything else, one will find that human nature may not be measured by a T square. Heredity, home influences and a good environment will greatly help to modify the faults and increase the virtues of a sign, and vice versa.

There may be two people of the same sign, and one seem to have all the faults and the other all the virtues. But they will be the distinctive faults and virtues of that sign.

Again one will find beautiful characters in the .slums of crime and poverty, perfectly inexplicable when viewed from the standpoints of heredity and environment, and the same thing reversed, a black sheep all alone in a family of culture and refinement.

So far there has been no explanation for thisó but astrology furnishes one, the benignant influence of certain stars at the time of the birth of a good character, or the adverse and detrimental influence of others at a criminal's birth.

This does not in the least imply fatality. Every one is heir to all the virtues, as well as the faults of his sign. But a weak character does not struggle with the faults, and the virtues are swallowed up, whereas a strong character fights such a fight as makes his good points doubly noticeable, even if the faults are not entirely overcome at once.

In a case where two people born within a week of each other seem quite different, one must go still farther into astrology for the explanation. The sun and the moon have the most influence over us, but though the sun stays in a sign for a month, the moon moves through all twelve of them in that time, staying only a little over two days in each. So that though the sun's sign may be the same, the moon's will be in a very different one, and so make great modifications in the character.

Another thing which causes seeming contradictions in character is the cusp.