THE following menus are merely suggestions for well-balanced meals which can be prepared quickly. They may fit your needs just as they stand; on the other hand there may be reasons why you cannot use them without change. Do not hesitate to adapt them in any way you think best, so long as you bear in mind the general rules of wise nutrition.

You can make any of these menus more elaborate by adding an extra course— an appetizer, soup or salad—or you can serve relishes, hot breads, salted nuts, candies to give the meal a more festive appearance.

In any event it will be helpful to select two or three menus which are suited to your family's needs, both when alone and when entertaining guests, and to keep them for ready reference. Of course, the supplies necessary for their preparation should always be on your pantry shelf.


Stewed apricots and prunes, hash balls (recipe 11 omitting sauce), drop biscuit (recipe 33), coffee.

Raisins and cream of wheat, bacon, cinnamon toast (recipe 36), coffee.

Creamed codfish (recipe 9), pulled bread (page 12), jam, coffee.

Canned rhubarb, sausages, pancakes with sirup, coffee.

Sliced banana with toasted cornflakes, quick coffee cake, coffee.


Vegetable soup, ham with currant sauce (recipe 13), boiled rice, apple whip (recipe 26), wafers, coffee.

Spaghetti ragout (recipe 18), rolls, vegetable salad with cheese, fruit cobbler (recipe 31). coffee.

Fish flake custard (recipe 15), baked potato, celery or relish, plum pudding with sauce, coffee.

Chicken soup, baked beans (recipe 19), stewed tomatoes, brown bread, cottage pudding (page 10) with fruit sauce, coffee.

Corned beef with tomato sauce (recipe 11), sweet potatoes saute, buttered string beans, loganberry gelatine (page 10), packaged sweet crackers, coffee.

Luncheon Or Supper

Cream of tomato soup with saltines, apricot cheese salad (recipe 24), chocolate coconut cakes (recipe 28), hot tea.

Oxtail soup, spaghetti and cheese, white bread, fruit compote (recipe 25) and cookies (packaged), hot or iced tea.

Cheese appetizer (recipe 5), escalloped succotash and tomato, whole wheat bread, fruit toast (recipe 36), hot or iced tea.

Sardine canape (recipe 1), kidney bean salad (recipe 22), graham bread, gelatine from canned red cherries (page 10), packaged lady-fingers, hot tea.

Curried dried beef (recipe 14) with boiled rice, chopped relish, dates and nuts, cafe au lait (recipe 43).

Sunday Night Or Company Suppers

Shrimp cocktail (recipe 4), jelly salad with chicken (page 8), quick muffins, cakes (recipe 27) with frosting (recipe 29), canned peaches, ginger ale punch (recipe 40).

Sliced tongue, fresh vegetable salad, rolls, fruit toast (recipe 36b), iced or hot chocolate (recipe 44).

Jellied tomato bouillon (recipe 8 plus tomato catsup), tuna fish salad, soda crackers, fresh fruit, shortcake (page 10), iced tea.

Hors-d'ceuvres mixed (page 3) savory eggs in ramekins (creamed with salad dressing recipe 20), buttered toast, fruit compote (recipe 25), wafers, hot chocolate (recipe 44).

Creamed chicken (recipe 9), drop biscuits (recipe 33), fruit salad (page 8), wafers (recipe 37), cafe au lait (recipe 43).

Consomme, lobster Newburg (recipe 12), maple nut pudding (recipe 32), crackers (recipe 37b), hot tea.

Evening Parties

Chicken salad with wafers, macaroon gelatine (fruit flavor with macaroons and whipped cream), mint cup (recipe 41).

Crab Newburg on toast (recipe 12), fancy cakes (recipe 28), hot chocolate (recipe 44).

Sandwiches (deviled meat, cheese) fancy crackers (recipe 37), fruit punch (recipe 39).