Beauty For Every Woman

By Elsie Waterbury Morris, head of New York's smartest "beauty shop." Complete instructions for the care of skin, hair, hands and figure, giving, simply, the scientific principles which make the "new beauty" possible for every woman and girl. 10 cents.

A Group Of Little Homes

Compiled by Robert Cummings Wiseman from plans designed by famous small-house architects. Twelve houses, with complete architectural plans. These houses suggests the harmony of proportion and convenience of arrangements which can be incorporated in small, inexpensive houses. 10 cents.

The Modern Home

How to Equip it with Mechanical Servants and Manage it Wisely. By Lillian Purdy Goldsborough. Labor-saving devices and methods to do the housework in a servantless home. 10 cents.

Time-Saving Cookery

Prepared by The House of Sarah Field Splint. Menus and recipes all specially originated for McCall readers, indicating how package and canned foods, bought at the neighborhood grocery, can be used to supply delightful, well-balanced, wholesome meals, and at the same time spare the home-cook both time and work. 10 cents.

What To Serve At Parties

Compiled by Lilian M. Gunn, Department of Foods and Cookery, Teacher's College, Columbia University, from her articles previously published in McCall's. Menus and special recipes for Luncheons, Dinners, Teas, Suppers, Bridal Breakfasts and Children's Parties. 10 cents.

Parties All The Year

One for every month. By Claudia M. Fitzgerald. Suggestions for rhymed invitations, games, contests, stunts, costumes, prizes, refreshments. 10 cents.

Entertaining Without A Maid

By Edna Sibley Tipton. Correct Table Service for Breakfast Parties, Luncheons, Teas, Receptions, Dinners, Sunday Night Suppers. 10 cents.

The Friendly Mother

A Book of Prenatal Mothercraft. Written by Helen Johnson Keyes and approved by Franklin A. Dorman, M. D., Head of the Maternity Division of The Woman's Hospital, New York City. A guide for the young mother during the long months before her baby comes. 10 cents.

Down The Garden Path

By Dorothy Giles, member of The Garden Club of America. Practical directions for flower and vegetable gardening. 10 cents.

To get the booklets, address (enclosing postage) The Service Editor, McCall's Magazine, 236 West 37th Street, New York City.