TODAY it is not necessary for the homemaker "to arise while it is yet night" in order to prepare a satisfying, inviting breakfast for her family. She cooks her cereal the night before in the double-boiler or puts it in the tireless cooker, so that in the morning she has nothing to do but heat it. Or else she uses one of several excellent dry cereals. Her fruit, too, is made ready the day before. If for any reason she has been prevented from doing this she falls back on that well-stocked supply shelf of hers. Some of the popular breakfast fruits and cereals which can be procured almost anywhere are:


Canned apple sauce, apricots, rhubarb; dried prunes, apricots, apples, peaches (require soaking overnight).


Apple butter, orange marmalade, jams.

Dry Cereals

Shredded wheat, puffed rice and wheat, cornflakes, grape-nuts.

Quickly Cooked Cereals

Farina, cream of wheat, rice, quick oatmeals.

For a change try cooking or serving fruit and cereal together for breakfast. Chopped dates, raisins, figs and prunes can be added to any cooked cereal. Canned fruits are attractive with such ready-to-serve foods as shredded wheat and grape-nuts.

Toast accompanied by preserves and jams offers another quick way of serving fruit.

With forethought, there can be enough left-over cooked cereal from one day to slice and brown in the pan for breakfast the next day. Serve with sirup.