Suggestive Course Of Lessons

Lesson 1

Corn Bread, Baked Lima Bean Puree, Wholewheat Sticks, Strawberry Whip.

Lesson 2

Juleinne Soup, Corn Nut Pie, Germea Sticks, Sago Fruit Mold.

Lesson 3

Cream of Tomato, Hoe Cake, Prune Pudding, Nut Cero and Potato Stew with Dumplings.

Lesson 4

Salads, Lettuce and Tomato, Cold Slaw, Celery Salad, Stuffed Beet Salad, Jellied Tomato Salad, Potato Salad. Dressings,—Mayonnaise, Boiled Dressing, Cream Dressing.

Lesson 5

Noodles, Fruit Crisps, Cream of Potato Soup, Banana Loaf.

Lesson 6

Egg Nogg, Gruels, Strawberry Toast, Browned Rice, Cream Peas on Toast.

Lesson 7

Layer Cake, Frosting, Macaroni with Olives, Grape Blanc Mange.

Lesson 8

Vegetable Gelatin, Orange Jelley, Strawberry Jelley, Jelley Apple, Pie Making (Crust)—Apple, Prune.

Lesson 9

Fruit Salads, Stuffed Date Salad, Fruit Basket, Fruit and Nuts, Apple and Date, Fruit Mold.

Lesson 10

Legume Cutlets, Brazil Nut Sauce, Fruit Soup, Macaroni and Rice Croquettes.

Lesson 11

New England Stew, Nut Roast, Tomato Sauce, Cream of Green Peas, Walnut Sticks.

Lesson 12

Baked Dressing, Brown Sauce, Potage St. Germain, Lentil and Rice Patties, Cream Tapioca.