Bread is the most important article of diet, and deserves more attention than it receives. Considering the convenien-cies which exist everywhere, and the widespread knowledge of breadmaking, it seems unnecessary and wrong to find poor bread on the table. Home made bread requires care and attention; and then you have the real staff of life.

Breads may be divided into two classes: 1. Unfermented— made light by the introduction of air into the dough or batter; 2. Fermented—made light by a ferment, yeast being usually employed. Space will not permit at this time to speak of the ill effects on the system following the use of bi-carbon-ate of soda and baking powders in breadmaking; it may suffice to say that they are extremely harmful and unnecessary.

"Soda causes inflammation of the stomach, and often poisons the entire system." Air may be incorporated into a batter by beating. The use of eggs will aid in the process; because the white of egg, on account of its viscous nature, readily catches air and helps convey it into the batter. The following recipe for wholewheat puffs will help to illustrate these principles.