Toasts are especially nice for breakfast. They are a light food, yet appetizing and nourishing.

Strawberry Toast

Bring fresh strawberries to boiling point with enough sugar to sweeten, using very little water. When done dip a piece of zwieback into juice to soften a little, lay the toast on a platter and cover well with strawberries, pour a spoonful of juice over all and serve. The juice may be thickened a little with cornstarch, if desired, before dishing up.

Blackberry Toast

Cook the berries until just done, add a little sugar, mash them through a fine strainer to remove the seeds. Dip a piece of zwieback into the liquid to soften, then thicken the berry pulp with a little cornstarch braided smooth in cold water. Let it cook slowly for a few minutes, and dish up as for strawberry toast.

Prune Toast

Rub well cooked prunes through fine colander, add enough of the prune juice to make it of the consistency to spread on toast and not run off; reheat and dip a slice of zwieback in hot milk or prune juice to soften, lay on a platter and cover with the prune pulp.

Cream Of Peas On Toast

1 cup green pea pulp, 1/2 cup thin cream, salt to taste.

Bring peas to boil, drain off liquor; mash the peas through colander, having them separate from the liquid in which they were heated, add the hot cream and salt to taste. Reheat; dip a piece of zwieback in milk to soften, lay on a platter and cover with cream peas which should be thick enough not to run off.

Walnut Lentils On Toast

3/4 cup lentil puree, 1/2 cup or more thin cream, 1/4 cup finely chopped walnuts, salt to taste.

Cook lentils well done, drain and mash them through colander, moisten with the hot cream, salt to taste, add walnuts; reheat and dish up as cream peas on toast.

Tomato Toast

Dip a slice of zwieback into hot milk or tomato juice, lay on a platter and cover with a spoonful of tomato sauce.

Scrambled Eggs With Tomato

Scald and peel two medium sized ripe tomatoes, cut them into quarters, put them in a small covered sauce pan, add a little salt and boil a few minutes, turn them into a colander and drain off the juice. Put a tablespoon of cream into a small pan, or have the pan oiled; when hot, break in two eggs, stir them quickly so they may cook evenly; when they are soft cooked add the tomatoes, mix lightly and serve immediately.