Fruit Egg Nogg

One egg separately, one-third cup fruit juice. The amount of sugar needed will vary according to.

It is a very common error to serve the sick with fresh made toast of bread which has been quickly browned on both sides and served hot. This makes the bread practically as indigestible as fresh baked bread. Zwieback may be heated, served dry or moistened with hot milk or water, and being thoroughly dextrinized, it is very easily digested and assimilated.

Eggs, when cooked and served to the sick, should as a rule always be soft cooked, poached, or soft boiled, curdled or scrambled with a little milk.

While it does not prove to be the best policy to prescribe the exact amount of calories of the different elements of the acidity of the fruit. Orange egg nogg will require about one tablespoon sugar. Other juices, as grape, berry, or prune will require very little sugar, if any. A teaspoon of lemon juice should be added to the latter juices. Beat the whites stiff with a Dover egg beater, and take out one tablespoon of the whites to be kept for a garniture for. the top of the glass. Beat the yolks and stir in the fruit juice and sugar. Mix well, then stir all into the beaten whites, and pour into a glass and serve with the tablespoon of beaten white on top.

Cream Egg Nogg

2/3 cup thin cream, 1 egg, 4 or 5 drops of vanilla.

Beat the egg separately, add the cream and vanilla to the yolks, then pour the mixture into the beaten whites, mix well and serve in glass with a spoonful of beaten white on top.