Strawberry Dessert

Take a toasted rice biscuit and lay it on a sauce dish, pour a large tablespoon or more of cream over it to soften it slightly, then drop a large spoonful of strawberry whip on top, in such a manner as to have the dessert piled high and narrow on the dish. Garnish on top with a large ripe berry or a spoonful of crushed berries and serve.

Ra pberries or blackberries may be used instead of strawberries.

Banana Loaf

Take two large ripe bananas and press them through a fine colander, add one tablespoon of pineapple juice, mix well. Lay a toasted granose biscuit on a sauce dish and pour over it enough pineapple juice to moisten it, then cover with a thick layer of the banana pulp. Lay another biscuit on top, and moisten as before with pineapple juice, spread on lightly the banana mixture and place a tablespoon of whipped cream on top and serve.

The pineapple juice will keep the banana from turning a dark color.

Fruit Pyramid

1/2 cup berry juice (strawberry preferred), 1/2 cup water, 1 1/2 tablespoons germea, sweeten to taste.

Heat the liquid in a double boiler to boiling point, stir in the germea, and let steam for one-half hour, pour into wetted molds. (It is best to make this dessert in the morning if it is to be eaten at dinner, for it takes a long time for it to jelly.) Turn on a dish and serve with cream or a fruit sauce.

Banana Snow

1/2 cup banana pulp, 3 tablespoons sugar, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, a few drops vanilla, white of 1 egg.

Mix all the ingredients and beat with a wire egg whip until very light, about twenty minutes to one-half hour; pile on a sauce dish. It may be garnished with a red strawberry cut in quarters and placed on top, or with a little jelly.

Flaked Rice And Fruit Mold

Take strawberries or blackberries, and if they are the fresh berries crush a few with enough sugar to sweeten all, and mix them with the berries to be used. Lay in a pan toasted rice flakes about one-third of an inch deep; cover with the berries about the same thickness, then again with flakes, and finish with berries on top; sprinkle over it a few flakes and set a pan of equal size on top and press gently for one hour. There should be just enough juice to soak up the flakes well, the pan should be set inside a larger one, so that if the juice runs over it does not run on the table or floor, when set, cut into squares and serve with whipped cream or crushed fruit sauce. Canned berries may be used if fresh ones can not be obtained.

Vegetable Gelatin (Agaragar)

Put one ounce of agaragar to soak in warm water for one hour. Drain well and put into a kettle, to which add one quart of boiling water. Let it boil about ten minutes after boiling begins or until clear. Strain through cheese cloth and it is ready for use. One ounce will solidify three quarts of liquid, inclusive of the water in which the gelatin is cooked.