I have spoken of meat before touching on entrees. These precede the former at the dinner-table, but they are not so important a subject; besides the suggestions already made, there is little left to describe in the shape of entrees. Remember only my advice-if you have not a " cordon bleu," the simpler they are the better.


I prefer them blanched (cut into round, flat slices) and grilled. If you do not have the sauce diplomate, which is delicious, properly made, with them, I suggest either grilled mushrooms or a simple sharp sauce. You may also serve them well stewed in butter and small mushrooms.

Chicken breasts.-Stew with a little butter in their own juice and serve with grilled mushrooms.

Cream Of Chicken

Pound the breast in a mortar, pass through a wire sieve, put into a mould with three tablespoonsful of cream and the yolk of an egg, season well and steam 20 minutes. Serve with sweet red peppers, if you can get them, or with lobster, or crawfish butter.

Crawfish claws and tails, picked, with a shell or two between, make a capital garnish.

Chicken stewed with tomatoes and mushrooms.- Small and fresh mushrooms-never preserved ones. Add a little white wine and butter. Do not overcook the chicken, it must be tender. The sauce must not be a soup. Reduce it sufficiently, and thicken with egg if necessary.

(Preserved mushrooms are hard and indigestible, they taste only of the vinegar they are preserved in, and I only wonder why anybody admits them into his kitchen. I also draw the line at preserved truffles.)

Purges of mushrooms and of truffles are poisonous.

Foie gras (goose liver) should be served in the simplest form, and never when out of season (after the month of April).

Chicken Stewed With Celery

Stew the fowl with celery half an hour, then take it out, and, having previously prepared a sauce with a little butter, celery, and very little flour, mix it with the stock the chicken was stewed in, minus the celery.

Chaudfroids Of Game Birds

Larks stuffed with forced meat (preferable to minced liver).

Cold Lamb Cutlets

A good neck of lamb, rather underdone, glazed with aspic jelly. Gut into cutlets, and cover each with a mixture of aspic jelly and vegetables, such as carrots, string beans, etc.

Boiled ham and very small broad beans instead of the usual spinach.