Roasting, whether of meat or of game, is so thoroughly well understood in this country that I need only say-roast, don't bake. But the roasting of wild duck is, to my mind, more carefully done in America, where a big bird, like the canvas-back, would have 20 minutes over a very fierce fire, and a smaller bird, like the widgeon, but 16 minutes. An excellent bird, the latter, and very juicy, cooked that way, but it should be served in the American fashion; that is to say, not carved into thin slices, but each breast to make one slice, or at most two (by cutting across, not lengthways). Served in this way, most of the juice remains in the meat, and you will not pant for lemon juice and cayenne to drown the flavour. A salad of tender celery stalks, cut small, with a dressing of thin mayonnaise is excellent with any wild duck.