No hors-d'oeuvres, except perhaps salt sardines or the very best Russian caviar in jars (not in tins), or shrimps (no prawns).

Oysters, the very best only.

Soups, preferably clear soup. No soups containing wine, spices, or hot sauces. chicken or mutton broth.

mock turtle, made simply and from calves' heads, light purges (with stock) of celery, artichokes, etc. clear turtle. No bisques of crawfish (ecrevisses) or of lobster*


Lobster. Crab.

Crayfish (langouste)..

Crawfish (erevisses). No mussels, scollops, periwinkles, etc. All sorts of salt and fresh water fish except:


Grey mullet,



Eels, or any fat fish. Whitebait allowed only if perfectly fresh and served free from grease; no other fried fish. Scolloped oysters. Filleted sole stuffed with oysters. Sole au gratin with mushrooms, tomatoes, and onion. Whiting au gratin (see p. 57).


Calves' heads, plain or with vinaigrette sauce (see p. 68). Sweetbreads, not fried; either boiled, stewed, or grilled (see p. 59). with sauce diplomat* (see p. 69),

Chicken breasts stewed in their own juice with a little butter.

with the addition to the sauce of ecrevisse butter and claws. Cream of chicken (see p. 62). Chicken coquilles.

stewed with rice or celery. tomatoes, mushrooms, and a little white wine. Calves' livers. Pigeons.

Fowls' livers grilled with or without bacon. Fowls or game-birds en casserole. Cutlets sautes. Curries.

Grilled lobster (see p. 52). Baked (6ee p. 54).

No partridge cooked in cabbage, no salonis, no patis or entries prepared in pastry or pie-crust.

Butcher's Meat

None fried.

Steak, preferably entribote (see p. 50). Chop.

Cutlets (see p. 60).

Cutlets with soubise sauce (purle of onions). Veal only grilled in 1/4 inch slices (see p. 60). No pork or larded meats.


All sorts, except domestic ducks or geese.

Game Birds

Plain, roasted, or grilled (see p. 60, for roasting wild ducks).


Boast venison (not hashed).

steak or chop grilled. Roe deer.

No hare or leveret; rabbit only if very young.


Farinaceous vegetables, preferably in the shape of purees.

Green vegetables to be perfectly fresh.

No cabbage or egg plant.

Potatoes, preferably passed through a sieve.

Spinach, preferably in purle.

Vegetable marrow.




French beans.

Broad beans, only if small and tender (see p. 66). Green peas, plain or d la Frangaise. Artichokes, Jerusalem.

Ball, with vinaigrette sauce. Mushrooms (fresh ones, not preserved ones), grilled or baked, and not overcooked. No ceps or truffles. Asparagus, fresh, not canned.

Macaroni and nouilles, plain or d l'Italienne or au gratin. Cucumber, also stewed, with meat glaze. Celery, also stewed puree, with meat glaze. Seakale.

cold, with vinaigrette sauce. Green corn, canned (see p. 65). fresh.

Salad, with plain dressing only (oil and vinegar, salt and pepper).


No pastry of any kind.

All sorts of farinaceous and bread and butter puddings and of stewed fruit with rice, Ac. Biz d l'Impiratrice. mirvngue. Sweet omelettes.

,, with rum.

Creams or custards, flavoured with chocolate, coffee vanilla, caramel, &a, but not with any extracts. Jellies, if wine, the best only. Sponge cake.

with chocolate or coffee cream, Apple or orange fritters. Pancakes. Plum pudding.

Chocolate wafer cake (see p. 74). Baba au rum. Bode Groed (see p. 74). Souffles, light, not sodden. No ices.


Only simple ones, such as herring roes grilled, bloater, or haddock; no rich, devilled, or highly spiced messes.


Swiss. Brie.


Roquefort. Gorgonzola. Pont Salut




Fresh Fruit

No canned or candied fruit Melon only before the meal

Apples, grapes, strawberries, blackberries, pears, peaches, raspberries, cherries, oranges, apricots, gooseberries. Nuts.

Cup of black coffee.


Cognac. Kirsoh. Curacao.

Chartreuse, yellow.

(For a stimulant, a small liqueur glassful of chartreuse in half a tumbler of water.)

» c Benedictine.



Table waters. Sulis (Bath).

Alcoholic liquor. Apollinaris.


Malt liquor. 81 Galmier.

Vichy, Vals.

Number of dishes allowed besides liquids.