Diner-out that you are of many years' standing, will you tell me how often you have come across a good plain clear soup, tasting of the meat and vegetables, and not of diluted glue. wine, spices, and hot sauces? The trouble with most of our cooks is that they let the meat simmer too long in the pot by 2 or 8 hours, consequently it tastes of bone, and that gluey flavour has to be disguised by condiments. If you do put vegetables into the soup, I would urge your not sending these to table, but to have fresh vegetables cooked and put into the soup ready to serve, or you may prefer a plain soup with macaroni, vermicelli, Italian paste, custard or what not. If you are not quite fit for solid food, a plain soup with a poached egg in it is excellent.

Use veal and chicken (an old hen is best) liberally for flavouring your soup.

Do not brown your meat intended for soup, and do not colour the soup with caramel