One of the best and most nourishing is a rich custard, steamed in a mould lined with caramel (burnt sugar), and flavoured with vanilla pod-not the essence.

Serve with a cream and egg sauce, also flavoured with vanilla.

Chocolate Puffs (Profiteroles Au Chocolat)

A very light paste of floor and egg that will bake hollow. Cut the puffs in two, fill with rich, vanilla-flavoured custard, and pour firm melted chocolate over the puffs. Serve with whipped cream on a separate dish.

Chocolate Wafer Cake

Eight or 10 layers of best Carlsbad wafers. Melt, but do not boil, your chocolate with a little butter, mix a portion of it with pounded filberts and spread between the layers. Glaze the cake with the remaining chocolate. Serve with whipped cream on a separate dish.

Chocolate Cake

Melt 5 cakes or tablets of chocolate with 12 oz. of butter until soft, stir in 12 oz. of sugar, stir in gradually the yolks of 9 eggs, beat up the whites and mix with 7 oz. of bread crumbs; put into flat buttered tins, bake and cool 1/2- hour. Ice with chocolate and icing sugar.

Rode Oroed (A Danish Sweet)

One quart of the juice of equal quantities of raspberries and currants (red) passed through a hair sieve, 4 oz. German semolina and 1 oz. isinglass, 1 1/4 lb. loaf sugar; oil a china mould and boil 10 minutes. Serve cold with cream.

Mousseline Chocolate Sauce (For Farinaceous Puddings)

Mix in a stew-pan 4 yolks of eggs, 2 oz. of butter, 2 oz. of sugar, till thick, add a little potato flour and the 4 whites whisked stiff, steam 20 minutes, boil 3 tablets of chocolate in syrup for 2 hours and pour over hot.