Fish 1 seer, 1 or 2 cocoa-nuts, cumin 1 tola, pepper 1/2 tola, coriander 1/2 tola, turmeric 2 tolas, ginger 2 1/2 tolas, onions I chhatak, oil 1 powa, ghee 1. chhatak, garam-masalla 1/2 tola, flour 1/2 chhatak, chillies and cassia leaves, salt 1 1/2 tola.


Lobsters and big fishes are only used. Prepare them and cut in big pieces. Lobsters are to be kept entire. Fry them in oil. Bring out the vegetable milk from the cocoa-nuts as done in Fish Soup. Make a paste of all the spices. Make a paste of the garam-masalla separately.

Boil oil and fry cassia leaves and the pasted spices in it for about 5 minutes adding water little by little if necessary. Then add the vegetable milk. On boiling add salt, the fishes and a little thin solution of flour. When properly boiled season the curry with boiling ghee, with chillies and a few entire cumins fried in it. Add. garam-masalla and take down when the soup is fairly thick.