Shrimps With Turnips


Turnips 1/2 seer, potatoes 1 powa, smalt shrimps 1/2 seer, oil 1/2 powa, ginger 1/2 chhatak, turmeric, cumin, pepper 1 tola each, salt 1/2 tolas, panch-foron, cassia leaves, chillies, ghee and garam-masalla.


Peel the turnips and potatoes, cut in small pieces and brown them. Prepare the shrimps and fry them. Add water and the spices pasted together to the fried shrimps. On boiling add salt and the browned vegetables. When fully boiled season the curry with ghee boiled with panch-foron, cassia leaves and chillies. Add pasted garam-masalla and boil a few minutes more. Keep' a little very thick soup.

Shrimps Roasted

Scale a few big sized shrimps, and smear them with salt, mustard oil, powdered turmeric and chillies. Fix them to an iron stick, hold on fire and heat all the sides till deep brown. Drop oil from time to time on the fishes.

Shrimps Powdered

Wash some dried shrimps which have been flaked before drying. Fry them a little without any kind of fat. Powder them with saffron, pepper and salt. Strain through a sieve, bottle it and serve with bread and butter.

Dalna Of Shrimps And Cocoa-Nut

Take the flesh portions of some shrimps and the kernel of a ripe cocoa-nut in the proportion 2 to 1 respectively and grind them to a paste. Add some pasted onions, a little powdered turmeric, chillies, salt and besam or flour in a quantity such that when beaten the mass forms a very thick paste. Spread the mass on a flat dish making uniform thickness and cut it in squares. Fry the pieces in ghee.

Brown some big pieces of potatoes and patois or cauliflowers with oil and add water with powdered cumin, pepper, coriander, turmeric and salt. Add the fried pieces on boiling. Season the curry when it is fully boiled with some ghee boiled with a few cassia leaves and red chillies. Add ghee and powdered garam-masalla before finish. Keep a little thick soup.

Shrimps With Gourd Leaves

Prepare some lobsters, cut in pieces and fry. Fishes are always to be smeared with powdered turmeric and salt before frying. Then brown some potatoes and onions peeled and cut in pieces. Add water, salt, powdered turmeric, cumin, pepper, chillies, coriander and some chopped and thoroughly washed tender gourd leaves. When fully boiled season the curry with ghee or oil boiled with a few cassia leaves and panch-foron. Garam-masalla may be added. Leave little soup. Saks and fishes in general are cooked in this way.

Shrimps With Green Jack-Fruit


Pieces of jack-fruit 1 seer, potatoes 1/2 seer, shrimps I seer, oil I powa, onions I chhatak, ginger and salt 21/2 tolas each, coriander 1/2 tola, cumin 2 tolas, pepper 1/2 tola, turmeric 1 1/2 tola, ghee, garam-masalla, chillies and cassia leaves.


Prepare a green and tender jack-fruit, * cut in small pieces, boil in water mixed with a little pasted turmeric and drain off the water. Prepare the shrimps, cut in suitable pieces (keep entire if small) and fry. Paste together the onions, ginger, coriander, cumin, pepper, turmeric and a few chillies.

Brown some pieces of potatoes and then add the boiled pieces of jack-fruit and stir for a few minutes. Add the pasted spices, stir again for a time and add a little water. On boiling add fish. Season the curry with ghee boiled with chillies and cassia leaves. Add ghee and pasted garam-masalla. Keep a little very thick soup.