Fishes weighing between 3 to 8 seers are the best for this purpose. Big pieces of such a fish 1 seer, potato 1/2 seer, onions 1/2 powa, oil 3 chhataks, ghee 1/2 powa, curd 1/2 powa, salt 2 tolas, ginger 1/2 chhatak, turmeric 1 1/2 tola, cumin 2 tolas, pepper 1 tola, coriander 1/2 tola, garam-masalla 1/2 tola, chillies, cassia leaves.


Make a paste of all the spices including onions except half the turmeric and garam-masalla which are to be pasted separately.

Smear the pasted turmeric and half the salt with the pieces of fish. Cut the potatoes in big pieces. Brown them separately in oil.

Boil half the ghee, add the pasted spices and stir constantly. Add curd when the spices turn reddish brown and stir again adding water little by little whenever necessary. This will take about 15 minutes. Then add the potatoes. Add sufficient water after stirring the potatoes for a couple of minutes, and when it boils add fish and salt. Season the curry when it is boiled with ghee boiled with cassia leaves. Add garam-masalla before taking down. Keep a little fairly thick soup. If onions are not used make a paste of some boiled potatoes and add to make the soup thick.