Make a syrup, boiling one cupful of sugar and two cupfuls of water twelve minutes, add one-half cupful of orange juice. Cool, and dilute with ice water to suit the taste or pour over crushed ice.

Orange Squares

2 tablespoonfuls gelatin 1/2 cupful of cold water 2 cupfuls granulated sugar.

2/3 cupful boiling water cupful candied orange or lemon peel.

Soak the gelatin ten minutes. Put sugar and boiling water in saucepan and when sugar is dissolved, add the gelatin. Boil gently until it threads. Then remove from the fire and add the peel cut in small pieces. Turn into pan rinsed in cold water. Let stand five or six hours to harden. Cut in squares and roll in granulated sugar and harden.

Orange Nut Salad

1 banana.

2 oranges.

Lettuce 1/2 cupful nut meats.

French dressing.

Remove skin from banana, cut in quarters lengthwise and again crosswise, roll in nut meats finely chopped. Peel oranges, cut in slices crosswise, insert a cube of banana in center of each slice. Arrange on a bed of lettuce, sprinkle over remainder of pecans and French dressing. This will make eight portions.

Orange Bavarian Cream

Soak one-half box of gelatin in one-half cupful of cold water, then dissolve in one-half cupful of boiling water, add one-half cupful of sugar. When cool add two cupfuls of orange juice and pulp. When beginning to jelly stir in one pint of stiffly whipped cream. Beat until stiff enough to mold. Pour into a wet mold and serve with cream.

Orange Sauce For Croquettes

Cut the peel of one orange in thin slices, boil until tender. To two tablespoonfuls of hot butter add three tablespoonfuls of flour and cook until smooth; add gradually three-quarters of a cupful of stock, one-quarter teaspoonful of salt, dash of pepper, and one-half cupful of currant jelly. Cook thoroughly, then add orange juice and peel.

Orange And Date Salad

One pound of dates and four large oranges. Separate dates, cover with boiling water, cook for three minutes. Drain, and when dried in the oven, cool. Stone and cut in halves lengthwise. Halve the oranges and cut out the sections of pulp. Arrange crisp lettuce leaves on a platter, pile the oranges in the center and surround with dates. Serve with French dressing.

Orange Sponge

One cupful of sugar, juice six or eight oranges, juice one-half lemon, one ounce gelatin, one-half cupful cold water, one-half cupful boiling water, whites four eggs, salt. Soak gelatin in cold water, then dissolve in hot water, strain into sugar, cool to smooth syrupy consistency. Beat whites stiff, then beat into fruit mixture. Blend and mold.

Orange Jelly With Banana Cream

Cover one ounce of gelatin with one-half cupful of cold water and add the grated rind of a deep-colored orange. When soft, stir in one cupful of boiling water and one cupful of sugar, then stir in two cupfuls of orange juice, strain through a double thickness of cheesecloth and turn into a border mold. Press two bananas through a sieve, add one tablespoonful of lemon juice, and three tablespoon-fuls of powdered sugar, beat with a silver fork until very light and fold in one gill of cream whipped until stiff. Turn the jelly from the mold and fill the center with the banana cream.

Grapefruit Gelatin

Put two heaping tablespoonfuls of powdered gelatin into a saucepan, add one and a half cupfuls of water, half a cupful of sugar, two teaspoonfuls of lemon juice, and three cupfuls of grapefruit juice and pulp. Stir over the fire until they almost boil, then strain. Divide into small wet molds. Turn out when set. Serve with whipped and sweetened cream.

Orange And Grapefruit Marmalade

One large grapefruit, two large navel oranges, one lemon, five pounds sugar, eighteen cupfuls cold water. Wash the fruit, cut it into very thin slices and cut the slices into narrow strips. Use every part of the fruit but the cores and seeds. Cover the fruit with the water and let stand twenty-four hours. Boil it rapidly, uncovered, for ten minutes and let it stand another twenty-four hours. Bring it to boiling point, add the sugar and boil it two hours, or until the jelly point is reached. The cooking should be done in a broad, shallow, uncovered pan.

Oranges With Cranberry Sauce

1 cupful of cranberries.

2 cupfuls of water.

1 cupful of sugar.

2 oranges.

Wash and pick over the cranberries; put on to boil with two cupfuls of water; put over a very hot fire, so they will boil at once. Cover for a few minutes, remove the cover, and mash; add the sugar, and boil for three minutes. Mash through a colander first, and then through a fine strainer; set aside to get very cold. Pare the oranges as you would apples, remove all of the white. Chip the oranges very fine; put into sherbet glasses, and pour over them the cranberry juice.