Cranberry Marmalade. To Serve With Meats

Wash three quarts of cranberries, barely cover with water and cook until the berries are tender. Press through a sieve and add to this juice and pulp six pounds of warm sugar, two pounds of seeded and chopped raisins and four large, very clean oranges. The oranges should be minced fine, thus using skin and pulp, but the seeds should be picked out. Cook until thick and turn into glass jars. The orange skins must be cooked until thoroughly tender.

Frozen Cranberries

4 cupfuls cranberries.

2 cupfuls boiling water.

2/3 cupful seeded raisins.

Juice one orange.

2 1/2 cupfuls sugar.

Juice 1/2 lemon.

Cut raisins in halves, add to cranberries with sugar and water and cook fifteen minutes, skimming when necessary. Add fruit-juices, rub through a puree-strainer, cool and freeze to a mush, using three parts of ice to one part of salt.

Spiced Cranberries

2 quarts cranberries.

2 tablespoonfuls ground cinnamon.

2/3 pint vinegar.

2/3 cupful water.

1 tablespoonful ground cloves.

6 cupfuls sugar.

1 tablespoonful allspice.

Combine the ingredients, boil gently for forty-five minutes, and put up as usual in jars or glasses.


One quart of cold water, one quart of cranberries, the juice of two lemons, the juice of two oranges and one and a half cupfuls of sugar. Cook the cranberries in water till they burst, add the sugar, boil one minute, cool, strain, add the fruit juice and dilute to the desired strength with cold water.

Cranberry Jelly

Pick over and wash four cupfuls of cranberries. Put them in a saucepan with two cupfuls of boiling water and boil twenty minutes. Rub through a sieve, add two cupfuls of sugar and cook five minutes. Turn into a mold or jelly glasses.

Cranberry Pie

Into a saucepan put one and a half cupfuls of cranberries, three-quarters of a cupful of sugar, one-half cupful of water. Cook ten minutes. Cool and bake in one crust with a rim and strips across.

Cranberry Puffs

2 cupfuls cranberries 2 cupfuls flour 4 tablespoonfuls shortening 2 eggs.

1 cupful milk.

4 teaspoonfuls baking powder 1 teaspoonful salt.

Mix and sift dry ingredients, add shortening and chop until mealy, add well-beaten eggs and cranberries. Pour into pop-over bowls and steam an hour and a half. Serve with hard sauce.