Elderberry With Apple For Jelly

Cut up apple peelings and cores and cover them with hot water; then remove the coarse stems from about one-third as many elderberries and place them on top of apples, stew and proceed as for any apple jelly.

Elder Blossom Wine

Allow a gallon of water to each quart of stripped flowers, and to each gallon of water three pounds of sugar. Make a syrup of the sugar and water, skimming well, and pour while boiling hot over the flowers. For each gallon of this liquid add the juice of one lemon and a heaping dessertspoonful "home brewed" hop yeast, stirring thoroughly. Place in an earthen receptacle, cover with a heavy cloth and let ferment three days. Strain and add the beaten white of one egg, stirring it well through the liquid.' Allow for each gallon of wine a little over a pound of raisins, chopping them and placing them on the bottom of the cask, pour over the liquid, close the bung and in six months it will be found ready for use.

Elderberry Wine

Extract the juice; for every quart of juice add two quarts of water and three pounds of sugar. Put in boiler and bring to a boil, add sugar, let boil ten minutes, put in jugs. Fill every day until it stops working. Have enough left to refill as it works away.