Apple Fritters

Pare and core apples, cut in round slices. For each eight apples, mix one-fourth cupful of sugar and four tablespoonfuls lemon juice. Let apples stand in this mixture for one hour. Dip in fritter batter, fry in hot fat, drain on brown paper, sprinkle with sugar.

Apple And Sweet Potato Scallop

Peel and cut boiled sweet potatoes into quarter inch slices. Butter a baking dish, put in a layer of the potatoes sprinkled with sugar and a grating of nutmeg, then dot with bits of butter. Cover with a layer of apple sauce. Repeat until the dish is full, having the top layer potato. Cover with a generous amount of sugar, sprinkled with buttered crumbs and bake an hour in a moderate oven.

Apple Sandwich Filling

Peel and grate two tart apples and mix with two cupfuls of fresh cottage cheese and four tablespoonfuls of thick cream. Season with salt and paprika. Mix well and spread between thin slices of buttered brown bread.

Dixie Apple Biscuit

I pint light bread sponge 1/4 cupful molasses 1 tablespoonful shortening.

Graham flour 1 1/2 cupfuls chopped apples brown sugar.

Add molasses and shortening to bread sponge and sufficient Graham flour to make a soft dough. Beat vigorously, add apples and mix well. Put into muffin pans, sprinkle with brown sugar and let stand until light. Bake in hot oven.

Apple And Date Salad

1 cupful chopped dates.

3 cupfuls chopped tart apples 1/2 cupful chopped nut meats.

Pinch of salt.

Mix all together, pour over them a dressing of lemon juice and sugar.

Apple Toast

Stew peeled and quartered apples in one table-spoonful of butter, two of water and one of sugar. Cook in this until tender. Fry slices of bread until golden brown. Pile the apples on these and serve hot with a garnish of bacon.

Waldorf Salad

Mix one cupful each of small pieces of celery, apple cut in cubes and English walnuts broken in small pieces. Add one teaspoonful salt, two tablespoonfuls orange juice and the grated rind of one orange. Add one cupful of mayonnaise or boiled dressing. Serve on lettuce leaves.

Mayonnaise Dressing

2 egg yolks.

2 tablespoonfuls vinegar.

1 cupful oil.

1/2 teaspoonful salt.

Add the salt to the vinegar. Beat the yolks well, then add the oil gradually, beating rapidly all the time. As it becomes stiff, thin with a few drops of the vinegar at frequent intervals.

Apple Water

1 large juicy apple.

2 cupfuls water sugar.

Wash, pare and core apple and cut into pieces; add water and simmer until tender; strain, add sugar to water. Cook five minutes, chill and serve.

If liked, a small amount of lemon juice may be added.

Apple Sauce Shortcake

2 cupfuls flour.

3 tablespoonfuls butter 1/2 teaspoonful salt.

3 tablespoonfuls lard.

3 teaspoonfuls baking powder.

1 cupful milk.

Mix and sift dry ingredients. Add butter and lard and chop or mix with finger tips until thoroughly blended. Add milk. When thoroughly mixed, divide in halves, put each half into a round, buttered cake tin. Wet knife and spread smooth. Bake ten to twenty minutes in hot oven. Split each cake and fill with hot apple sauce. Serve with cream.