Apple Marmalade

Wash, core and cut apples in slices; put in kettle, add enough water to keep apples from burning.

Cook slowly until mushy, press through sieve, add equal amounts of sugar and apples and flavor with orange or lemon juice. Cook until stiff; fill glasses and cover.

Apple Jelly

Wash and wipe fruit. Remove the stems; cut in pieces, put in preserving kettle, nearly cover with cold water; cook very slowly until apples are tender. Pour into jelly bag and drain thoroughly, but do not squeeze. Measure juice, allow one pound of sugar to every pint of juice. Boil juice twenty minutes; add sugar which has been heated on a platter in the oven, stir until sugar is dissolved; boil five minutes or until it jellies. Skim when necessary. Have jelly glasses standing in a pan of hot water; pour jelly into them; let stand until hard and cover first with paper or melted paraffin. Keep in cool, dry, dark place.