Peel one dozen bananas, pass through a sieve, add five tablespoonfuls sugar, three sponge-cakes crumbled fine, three tablespoonfuls lemon juice, a pint of cream, five tablespoonfuls strawberry jam that has been passed through a sieve, the well-beaten yolks of four eggs. Mix well, add one teaspoonful vanilla, and fold in gently the stiffly whisked whites of three eggs. Butter a mold well, put in the mixture, and steam gently one and one-quarter to one and one-half hours. Cover top of mold with buttered paper. Turn out on hot dish, pour some slightly whipped cream over, and sprinkle top with chopped pistachio nuts.

Banana Pudding No. 2

Peel and slice some ripe bananas, place thick layer in a glass dish and cover with strawberry jam. Boil some tapioca in milk slightly sweetened and flavored with a few drops of vanilla. When cool, put a thick layer on the bananas and jam; add another layer of each, and so on, until the dish is full. Cover the whole with custard into which the pulp of two ripe bananas has been well mixed. The above can be placed in a pie dish and baked and served hot.

Banana Pudding No. 3

Peel and slice six ripe bananas and cook them for ten minutes in syrup made with two ounces of sugar and one-half gill of water flavored with lemon. Cook two ounces of rice in a pint of milk, sweeten to taste, and add it to the bananas. Whisk stiffly whites of two eggs and mix them carefully with the rice and bananas. Pour the mixture into a buttered fire-proof baking dish, sprinkle the top with chopped almonds and sugar, and bake in a moderately heated oven for about twenty minutes. Serve hot.

Banana And Date Pudding

Gelatin, three scant cupfuls boiling water, three-fourths cupful sugar, one egg, one lemon, one cupful stoned dates, two bananas. Use amount of gelatin ordinarily required for one quart of jelly and soften it with a little cold water; pour the boiling water onto it and stir until dissolved. Add sugar and stir until that is dissolved. Break egg into a cup and beat until light, fill cup with cold water and add to the boiling water. Let it boil up once, stirring constantly; then remove from stove. Add lemon rind (grated) and juice, also dates, cut into small pieces. Turn into mold. When cold, but not set, add bananas, sliced thin. When hard unmold and serve with whipped cream. This makes enough for seven or eight persons.