Strawberry Omelet

Use any good omelet recipe, leave out pepper and add one teaspoonful of sugar and either water or the juice of the fruit instead of milk. When ready to fold spread with fruit well sweetened. Put whipped cream on top of the fruit fold, shake on powdered sugar and serve immediately.

Strawberry Cocktails

Select large perfect berries and cut them in halves, saving every particle of juice. For four portions use half a box of ripe berries and add the juice and pulp of one large orange, three tablespoonfuls of honey, the juice of one lemon and four tablespoonfuls of shaved (not chopped) ice. Fill into cocktail glasses and insert in each a sprig of fresh mint.

Strawberries A La Francaise

Soak one cupful of perfect strawberries in one cupful of orange juice for an hour, sweeten to taste serve in small glasses with lady fingers.

Strawberries Preserved Without Cooking

To each cupful of berries (hulled and washed) add one cupful of sugar, and let stand over night on ice. In the morning place in jars and seal.

Strawberry Pie

Wash and hull one basket strawberries add one generous cupful of sugar and a little water. Bring quickly to a boil before the berries get broken or lose their color. Thicken with cornstarch dissolved in a little cold water. Bake with rich crust with lattice top. May be served with cream.

Strawberry Meringue

Make a puff paste, cut out the size of a dinner plate, bake to a light brown in a quick oven. Draw to the oven door; lay strawberries rolled in sugar over it; cover these an inch deep with a meringue made of the whites of four eggs beaten stiff with three tablespoonfuls powdered sugar. Bake until meringue is faintly tinged a yellow brown. To be served warm.

Strawberry Mousse

Soak one teaspoonful of gelatin in a little cold water; when soft, dissolve in a little hot water. Mash and put through a vegetable strainer one box of strawberries sweetened to taste; put in bottom of covered mold. Whip, sweeten and flavor with one-half teaspoonful of vanilla, one cupful of cream and put on top of berries. Cover with paraffin paper before putting on cover. Pack in ice and salt and let stand about six hours.

Strawberry And Rhubarb Conserve

One quart of strawberries, one-half box of chopped seeded raisins, one pound of white sugar, one-fourth pound of nut meats chopped, pulp and grated rind of two oranges, two quarts of cut-up rhubarb. Put all together in a saucepan (save nuts) and cook slowly one-half hour, then add nuts. Mix well. Put in jelly glasses and cover with paraffin.

Strawberry Whip

2 cupfuls strawberries.

2 egg whites.

1 cupful powdered sugar.

1/4 teaspoonful salt 1 tablespoonful lemon juice.

Crush the berries; add the sugar and lemon juice. Beat eggs until stiff and continue beating while adding strawberry mixture.