Banana Cream

Rub five large bananas smooth with five tablespoonfuls of white sugar, beat one-half pint of cream to a stiff froth, add the fruit and a tablespoonful of lemon juice. Mix and add half an ounce of gelatin previously dissolved in enough rich milk to cover it, whisk all together gently and mold. Use with cream and sugar.

Baked Bananas

5 bananas.

1 1/2 tablespoonfuls lemon juice.

2 tablespoonfuls sugar.

Remove bananas from skins, sprinkle with lemon juice and sugar and bake in a moderate oven about twenty minutes, until the bananas are golden brown.

Banana Butter

4 ripe bananas.

1 cupful white sugar.

2 eggs.

2 tablespoonfuls butter grated rind and juice of one lemon.

Mash bananas and beat to a pulp with a fork, add butter, sugar, lemon, and the eggs well beaten, put all together in a smooth granite pan, and cook until as thick as custard, stirring constantly. Seal in an air-tight jar; it will keep for some time in a cold place. Use as a filling for cake and pastries.

Banana Fluff

2 tablespoonfuls lemon juice.

1/2 cupful fruit.

1 cupful powdered sugar.

3 bananas.

1 teaspoonful vanilla 1 tablespoonful grapefruit juice.

3 eggs.

Pour the lemon and grapefruit juice over the peeled bananas and put on the ice for an hour. Mash thoroughly and beat for two minutes. Stir in the sugar and add the whites of the eggs. Beat all until very light. Add the vanilla. Fill tall glass half full of peaches or any desired canned fruit and fold in the banana fluff. Top each glass with a maraschino cherry.

Banana Sponge

Soften one-fourth package of gelatin in one-fourth cupful of cold water. Remove the skin and coarse threads from four small bananas, and press the pulp through a ricer. There should be a generous cupful of pulp. Scald the pulp over a quick fire; add the softened gelatin and stir until dissolved; add half a cupful of sugar and the juice of a lemon, and stir over ice-water until the mixture thickens slightly; then fold in the whites of two eggs, beaten dry. Turn into a mold lined with slices of banana. Squeeze a little lemon juice over the slices of banana to keep them from discoloring.

Junket And Bananas

Pass the pulp of two bananas through a vegetable press, add two teaspoonfuls of sugar and one-fourth cupful of water; let simmer until thoroughly heated, then add a tablespoonful of lemon juice and half a teaspoonful of granulated gelatin soaked in cold water and dissolved over hot water; mix thoroughly, and pour into the bottom of six custard cups. When cold and set, heat one quart of milk with half a cupful of sugar to blood heat, remove from the fire, add one teaspoonful of vanilla extract and a teaspoonful of liquid rennet, or one junket tablet dissolved in a tablespoonful of water; mix thoroughly, and pour over the banana in the cups. Serve with or without whipped cream.