Grapefruit Marmalade (From Skins)

Remove the brown spots from the skins, run the skins through the food chopper. Measure the quantity. Put in a kettle with water enough to a little more than cover and add handful of salt. Let come slowly to a boil and boil five minutes. Put in sieve and allow cold water to run through to remove all the bitter water. Return to kettle and cover as before with cold water. To three cupfuls of chopped skins add half cupful vinegar and five cupfuls sugar. Boil slowly several hours or until mixture is very thick. The secret is in slow boiling. Use all the skin, white as well as yellow. This is delicious in fruit cake or mince meat.

Grapefruit Pie

4 tablespoonfuls cornstarch 1 grapefruit.

1 teaspoonful melted butter 1 cupful hot water.

2 eggs i orange.

1 cupful sugar.

Blend the cornstarch with just enough cold water to make a paste, stir into this the melted butter, the beaten yolks of the eggs, juice and grated rind of a large orange, the same of a medium sized grapefruit, the hot water and sugar. Put into a double boiler, cook until thick, stirring constantly, turn into a baked crust, cover with a meringue and brown lightly. Serve cold.

Grapefruit And Rice

One cupful of freshly boiled rice, one tablespoonful of granulated gelatin, two tablespoonfuls of granulated sugar, and one pint of whipping cream. Soak the gelatin in four tablespoonfuls of cold water for fifteen minutes, set over hot water until gelatin is thoroughly dissolved. Add sugar and rice and when perfectly cold carefully mix in the cream, whipped stiff. Fill a mold—a border mold makes an attractive shape—and stand aside to set. When ready to serve unmold rice, arrange full section of grapefruit around the mold and pour sauce in center.


Rub three lumps of loaf sugar on the outside of a well-washed orange until as much as possible of the oil in orange peel is absorbed. Cook together one cupful of sugar, including the three lumps, and one-half cupful of water until the syrup spins a heavy thread; it will take about ten minutes. Take from the fire; when cool add one or two tablespoonfuls of some other fruit juice and two tablespoonfuls of finely cut candied orange peel.