Watermelon And Pineapple Cocktails

Use twice as much chilled diced watermelon as shredded pineapple. Place in cocktail glasses; pour a little juice in and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Cantaloupe Cocktails

Dice the melon and add half the amount of diced ripe peaches. Sprinkle lightly with a little grated nutmeg and marinate on the ice with a little sweet orange juice. Serve very cold.

Watermelon Conserve

Peel and cut the rind into small pieces, cover with weak salt water and let stand over night, then soak in cold water several hours. Drain and add water to cook until clear. Drain and to each pint of melon add one of sugar and one or two lemons sliced. Cook very slowly for two hours.

Sweet Pickle Watermelon Rind

Four cupfuls of sugar, two tablespoonfuls cinnamon, one tablespoonful whole clove, two cupfuls vinegar, watermelon rind. Pare the watermelon rind, cut it into two-inch squares and cook it in 117 boiling water until it is tender. Put the vinegar, sugar and spices (tied in a cheesecloth bag) into a preserving kettle. Boil the mixture ten minutes and then cook it slowly for about two hours or until the syrup is thick. Add the melon rind and simmer it about one hour. Put it into jars.

Frozen Watermelon

Cut a melon into halves, and with a spoon scoop out large round pieces, pick the seeds out with a fork, arrange in a pail with powdered sugar sprinkled on each layer and bury in ice and salt four hours.

Watermelon Preserve

This is made from the red part of the melon. Dice the red portion of the melon, removing all seeds and every bit of the white part; weigh and use half as much sugar as you have melon, adding to every six pounds of melon the juice and grated yellow rinds of two lemons. Put all together in a large granite kettle and boil slowly, stirring often, until it is quite thick. At first you will think it is all going to water, but very soon you will notice it thicken. When it has become as thick as you like it seal hot in glass pint jars.