Citron Melon Preserve

Cut open the melon as you would a watermelon, take out inside, just use the rind, peel and cut in cubes or in small pieces. To every pound of citron allow one pound of sugar and one-fourth pound of ginger root. Put the citron melon in water enough to cover, add to this water two teaspoonfuls of baking soda, boil until just tender and cool. When cold soak in strong alum water one hour. Make a syrup of one pint of water and two pounds of sugar. Beat the white of one egg to a stiff froth, add this to the sugar and water, stir, let it boil, skim off the egg. The egg clears the sugar and water. Then add the ginger root and melon and cook in the syrup until clear. Put in glass jars and cover with the syrup.

Citron Preserve No. 1

Pare citron and take out the seeds, cut in pieces one inch thick and two inches in length. Weigh them, put in kettle with water and cook until clear. Make a syrup of their weight in sugar, add two slices of lemon to each pound of citron, put part of the citron in the syrup and boil about fifteen min-119 utes. Skim out and put in jars. When all has been thus cooked boil the syrup thick and pour over the fruit until jars are full. Seal.

Citron Preserve No. 2

Peel and cut citron in one inch squares, then boil till soft, draw off water; add one pound of sugar to one of fruit. To every five pounds of preserve add one pound of raisins, one lemon sliced, one-half ounce of white cloves, one ounce stick cinnamon. Dissolve sugar; when hot add fruit and let simmer slowly two hours.

Barberry Sauce

Half a peck of barberries, two quarts of molasses, one peck sweet apples. Pick over barberries, remove all stems, wash and boil with water enough to float them. Add the molasses and cook until tender. While these are cooking, pare, quarter and core the apples, skim out the berries and cook the apples in the syrup, as many as can be cooked conveniently. When tender, put them into dish with berries and boil the syrup until thick. Pour over fruit. Next morning heat all together again and seal.