Wash and hull large strawberries, allowing six or eight to a person; cut fresh ripe pineapple in strips about one quarter inch thick and one inch long, insert in the berries to replace the hulls. Arrange individually and garnish with whipped cream, which has been sweetened to taste with powdered sugar.

1/2 cupful strained honey 3 yolks of eggs 1/2 teaspoonful salt 1/4 teaspoonful paprika.

1 tablespoonful lemon juice 1 cupful cream.

1 cupful cream cheese.

2 tablespoonfuls cream.

1 quart strawberries.

Strawberry Tapioca

1 cupful tapioca 1 pint boiling water.

1/2 cupful sugar 1/2 box strawberries.

Juice of half a lemon.

Cook the tapioca in the boiling water until clear, using a double boiler for the purpose. Crush the strawberries slightly, add them to the tapioca, together with the sugar, cook ten minutes, stir in the lemon juice and set aside to cool. Serve plain, or with custard or cream.